How To Be More Water Conscious When Travelling

How To Be More Water Conscious When Travelling

There are places around the world with no access to running water. Water conversation has always been an important topic. It is important to be more water conscious in our everyday lives. It is also encouraged to use water not more than what you need. The problem is, many people often argue that every individual may have different needs of water. While it is true to some extent, the point of being more water conscious is how you can contribute to conserve water as individual and how it can great affect the efforts that the community has been doing. 

Can you be more water conscious even when travelling?

When you are aware of best practices to conserve water, you will have no problem practicing them anywhere you go. When travelling, you can do your best to help conserve water through simple practices, such as:

Shower less often

It is understandable that you feel like shower more often when travel because you tend to be more active, doing many outdoor activities. However, consider shower less instead and see how impactful it could be. Keep in mind that there are no ultimate rules saying you should shower daily. In fact. Most healthcare professionals recommended showering every other day or every third day. Try avoid excessive cleaning because the natural oils your body produce also function to protect your skin. By practicing good hygiene, you can go a  day without shower and still feel fresh.

Simplify your sanitizing practices

Simplify your sanitizing practices

Sanitizing is important because you don’t want to be a good target for germ, virus, and bacteria to infect. However, you can still have good hygiene practices without overdoing it. With simplified version, you can still have the optimum protection. Consider eco-friendly hygiene practices even during your trip. You don’t have to keep everything sterile at all time. Wash your hands after using bathroom, after grocery shopping, and before a meal. Avoid overcleaning because it can cause other problems such as dry skin and weakened immune system. Hence, it is recommended to simplify your sanitizing rituals not only for the sake of your body but also for the planet. 

Reuse towels

Consider reusing towel after each use so you just have to let it dry before use it again. Drying it out help prevents the growth of bacteria and germs. It also allows you to use the towel longer without washing it again and again. Carry your own towels if you unsure about the one provided by the hotels and use them multiple times before washing them again to help conserve water. 

Reduce your indirect water footprint

There are many habis that you sometimes have not realized when it comes to water use such as leaving the tap on after use, taking long shower unnecessarily, etc. Start building habits that help conserve water by reducing your indirect water footprint such as skipping room cleanings, washing laundry on cold, shopping for local produces, reducing meat consumption, cutting down on sugar, etc. These are considered simple habits but not as easy to practice.

Best Staying Experience Tips at Bali Beach Resort for Non-Resort Person

Best Staying Experience Tips at Bali Beach Resort for Non-Resort Person

So, you’re not actually a resort person but you love the convenience that come with a resort. Maybe you were ‘dragged’ by your spouse or family to spend a holiday in Bali in a resort. To be fair, resorts in tropical locations like Bali entice the traveling public with some incredibly low-cost vacation packages, many of which are simply too good to pass up. It’s not that you hate it, but you are more of an independent traveler who dislikes being caged up in a little space with a bunch of strangers with nothing to do but stare at the water. If you are a more adventurous type, a beach resort in Nusa Dua Bali might sounds boring—despite of its facility.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a resort experience at all. Here are some tips for surviving a resort environment while still taking advantage of beach resort’s vacation deals.

Choose the Right Beach Resort in Nusa Dua Bali

To choose the right resort, you’ll need to do some homework and perform some research. Not only would the perfect location be close to the airport, but it would also allow you to depart the property safely. Find one that has a nice balance of on-site and local activities that interest you. Just like this Nusa Dua beach hotel & spa Bali that’s conveniently tucked just 15 minutes drive from the airport and close to the town.

If the resort is located in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest populous region 45 minutes away, you’ll likely feel like a prisoner rather than a traveler. Remember that a west-facing site will provide you with stunning sunsets.

Explore the Whole Nusa Dua Beach Resort to Try New Things

Explore the Whole Nusa Dua Beach Resort to Try New Things

This is your vacation, so do anything you want with it. And if you discover a favorite reclining location by the pool or a favorite breakfast restaurant with the best made-to-order omelets right away, put it on repeat every day until it’s time to leave. Similarly, if you’ve visited Mexico before and want to spend your time relaxing on the beach, there’s no need to schedule a number of off-site excursions to local cenotes, archaeological ruins, or snorkeling spots.

If you’re visiting a new holiday area, you’ll want to check out all the resort and its environs have to offer. That involves looking for the best places to read your book (a hammock, a lounge chair, or a beach bed!) or reserving a table at one of the many a la carte restaurants (typically upon arrival with the concierge or restaurant staff, to avoid missing out).

Consider stopping by the resort’s tour desk to sign up for off-property excursions to learn about the local culture or enjoy a variety of activities, such as a banana boating, parasailing, or participating in turtle conservatory program!

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Chill Around the Resort—and Be Flexible with That

Everyone desires and requires relaxation. It is, after all, a holiday. Making the most of your free time necessitates a degree of adaptability on your part. When you initially arrive at the Nusa dua beach resort, get a feel for the area. Determine when the beach or pool areas are the busiest and schedule your visit appropriately.

Maybe you can grab a book and park it on an empty lounge chair while everyone else is eating lunch. When the crowds start to get to you, take a leisurely stroll across the warm, foaming waves on the white sand.

Are all the lounge chairs taken? Head to the spa and enjoy a relaxing Nusa Dua spa experience or join a yoga class.

Interact with the Locals

The majority of independent travelers want to learn as much as they can about the locations they visit. They look for ways to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and character of their travels. That style should not be stifled by an island resort.

Interact with some of the locals that work at the resort as well as those you meet off-site. Inquire as to where they go and what they enjoy doing.

Most will jump at the chance to tell you stories and educate you on anything from island folklore to hotspots for nightlife — or, more crucially, what to avoid.

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Leave the Resort for Some Adventures

Bali is a stunningly gorgeous island. While many resorts occupy great real estate in the most desirable places, there are still private, hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Rent a car, even if only for a day, if you can afford it, to drive around aimlessly and uncover your own little patch of paradise.

It’s usually a good idea to explore more of the place you’re visiting while you’re there for a relaxed beach vacation. View the destination’s natural surroundings or adjacent cities. All-inclusive resorts are massive man-made complexes that rarely reflect the culture of the nation you’re visiting. You’ll learn something new, connect more with the locals, and contribute to the local economy by leaving the resort.

Tips For Planning A Long-Term Travel

Be flexible with your itinerary

It is pretty easy to plan for a short trip. In fact, it is simple enough that you don’t really carry too much in your luggage. You can just pack a few clothes and other essentials that will last you for few days or weeks. However, it is very different when you plan for a long-term travel where you will be in new place for few moths for example. A long-term travel is more like moving out instead of a simple holiday. You need to plan it more thoroughly. And here are some useful tips for a long-term travel:

Plan your finance

Any kind of travel needs money and it is even more challenging if you plan for a long-term travel.travelling for a long period of time means you need to be prepared with your finance. You may want to stick with your budget otherwise you will be running out of money faster than you thought. Make a reasonable budget prior the trip and stick to it. Also, it is highly recommended that you prepare double the amount of the budget you calculated just in case you face an emergency during the trip. 

Be flexible with your itinerary

It is understandable that you want everything to be in your control. However, a long-term travel allows you to fully experience the trip. Hence, you don’t really need a a tight schedule filled your itinerary. You can make a rough plan of how you are going to spend your long-term trip. Try not to over-plan and keep your options open. It is best to stay longer in one place and fully enjoy everything it has rather than jumping from one place to another in short period of time. There is a sense of accomplishment when you try a slow-travel. 

Pack sensibly

Travelling for  long period of time doesn’t have to make you pack too many clothes. Just pack clothes that will last you for 10 days and you will be fine. Long-term travel allows you to settle longer in one place. Hence, you have more opportunity to wash your clothes. Packing too many clothes will only restrict your mobility. You won’t be able to move around as freely with heavy suitcase dragging you. 

See your doctor

It is important to make sure that your health is in good condition for a long-term travel. Even if you don’t have any particular health issue, you may still need to see your doctor for vaccinations. If you are taking medications on regular, let your doctor know about your travel plan so they can prescribe you sufficient amount of medications to last you the trip. 

Enjoy to the fullest

There are many things you can do to make the most of your long-term travel. You can write everything you want to do or accomplish just like how you make bucket list. You can plan on working or volunteering. Don’t forget to keep your workout regime and eat healthily so you stay in shape and healthy during a long-term trip.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Holiday Villas in Bali

Many travelers are still afraid to book an Airbnb or similar holiday rental, but there are numerous benefits to doing so. They’re frequently a way to save money, particularly if you’re visiting a famous tourist site. One of the advantage of staying in a Bali holiday villas is that you have a lot more options for where to stay. You not only have more options, but they are generally in high-demand locations like the seaside town, in the heart of Bali, or even in pristine secluded location surrounded by the nature. 

Staying in someone’s Bali house can be a fantastic opportunity to get a true sense of the place you’re visiting. You’ll feel less like a tourist and more like a traveler. Many times, the hosts can provide helpful hints to make your stay and visit to the island a memorable one.

Always Read the Reviews and Gain Some Insight of the Villa

Always Read the Reviews and Gain Some Insight of the Villa

This tip can also be found on a variety of other websites. But it’s because this is a crucial phase! Only book properties that have at least 5 well-written reviews, preferably more. Take a look at as many as you can. If there are more than 20 reviews, it’s probably a popular item, and you should have no trouble purchasing it. Make sure the reviews are current as well. Before booking, contact the host if there hasn’t been a review in over a year. Check to see if they’re still taking reservations.

Get the Exterior Photo of Your Bali Holiday Villas!

Get the Exterior Photo of Your Bali Holiday Villa!

If the listing doesn’t include a photo of the building’s exterior, ask the host for a description or to send you a photo. Not many people think about this, but it’s actually very important especially if it’s your first time travelling to Bali

Why? If you’re visiting a new city or a country, the accommodation description may differ from what you’re used to. It’s helpful to know what to look for when you arrive to your Bali holiday villas, especially if you’ll be arriving late at night.

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Double Check the Provided Amenities in the Villa

Double Check the Provided Amenities in the Villa

When compared to a hotel, one of the best things about renting on sites like Airbnb or VRBO is that you usually get all of the same great amenities.

If you have specific goods that are required for your daily routine (ahem, coffee), don’t be hesitant to inquire about what will be accessible. Some people have Keurigs or Nespresso machines. Some people have a mokapot or a french press. Some have drip machines, while others have none or only a kettle. In many situations, booking an apartment or vacation home on sites like Airbnb is solely for the purpose of using the kitchen.

Be as Punctual as Possible with Your Arrival Time

Be as Punctual as Possible with Your Arrival Time

If you’re on a longer vacation and moving from place to place, arriving late to your vacation rental in Bali can be problematic.

The more precise you are, the more enjoyable your experience will be. We’ve had multiple instances were we were late because we were lost, didn’t realize how long it would take us to get there, or got distracted while looking out something else along the route. If you have a working phone, this isn’t generally a problem, but if you’re traveling to a strange nation and dependent solely on WiFi, plan ahead as much as possible and keep to it.

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Look Up Your Bali Villas in Google Map!

Look Up Your Bali Villas in Google Map!

Use the map option instead of the list feature when picking a holiday home in Bali to book in OTA like AirBnb, VRBO, Traveloka, or others. This allows you to focus on a specific location. I occasionally pin a location that I like and then look it up on Google Maps to get a better feel of how walkable it is and what else is in the area.

Using this as a foundation, go to Google Maps and look for an area or neighborhood you’d like to stay in. Then focus your search on that area, using terms like “homestay,” “vacation rental,” and “vacation home.” You might broaden your search to include places to stay that aren’t featured on standard rental sites like Homeaway, VRBO, or other independent rental sites.

How To Accommodate More Accessible Family Trip

Family trip is often seen as a nightmare and this is probably why not many families love doing it. However, there are so many values you can find from travelling together with your family. Of course, it is ore challenging than when you have a trip with a group of your friends for example. However, it is totally worth all the hassles when you are able to accommodate more accessible family trip for every member. 

How To Accommodate More Accessible Family Trip

Stress-free family vacation to plan

One of the most important keys for successful, hassle-free family trip is to plan it in advance. It is essential because you need to know what kind of trip that will be suitable for everyone. Also, it is possible for a family to have a member who is disable or has certain condition where they are not able to travel more freely. Hence, well preparation will help a lot in accommodating more accessible family trip for everyone. And here are some tips to make it true:

Start with small trip

Instead of planning a big plan of a trip, it is more recommended for you to go slow, especially for the first time. What you and your family need is the experience of travelling together and how each one of you can adapt to the situation while having fun. Hence, there is no need to make a grandiose plan to travel abroad that will only make you and family feel overwhelmed instead of excited. 

Decide where to go

Sometimes, the problem is not your family but the wrong choice you made about your travel destination. And it is once again, can happen due to lack of preparation prior the trip. Every place around the world has different condition and situation. That is why it is important to decide where to go from the beginning and do a research about it to ensure the place it accommodating and accessible for all your family. 

Choose the right accommodation

Accommodation is one of the biggest hurdles when planning a family trip especially when you have large members. You need to choose accommodation that will fit your family’s needs. Make sure the kids and disabled family members are accommodated well with your choice. 

Always spare room to keep your patience

Travelling with family can be stressful because of different needs, wants, preferences, etc. There will be times when you encounter some hassles. Hence, be patient with how you accommodate your family members especially the disabled ones. Sometimes, some places are not very accommodating to disabled visitors and it can cause an issue. So you need to be more thorough with your research and plan to make sure your trip will be hassle-free.

Make the most out of the trip

Another important key for more accessible and enjoyable family trip is to make ht emos out of it. Enjoy your trip together with your family and make memories as much as possible. Try not to let a little hassle ruins your joy of being together with your family in wonderful place. 

5 Reasons Why Targeting to Millennials for Your Bali Villas is Important in 2022

5 Reasons Why Targeting to Millennials for Your Bali Villas is Important in 2022

Urban vacation rentals have quickly carved a place in the short-term rental market, driven by the phenomenal rise in demand for private accommodations over the last five years and the emerging wave of millennial travelers — and savvy property managers are modernizing their operations to meet new expectations. Sites like Airbnb and have played a significant role in bringing short-term rentals to the public, but the emergence of a crucial category of customers: the millennial traveler, is a significant element driving this vacation rental sector trend. This is how millennials are influencing the vacation rental market in 2019 and what this implies for you as owner of villas and vacation rentals in Bali. 

Millennials Shapes Today’s Market of Luxury Villas in Bali

Millennials, who will reach 25 to 40 in 2022, are driving numerous real estate market changes, including those in the vacation rental sector. This generation is spending more money on travel, vacations, and lodging. According to research, millennials would prefer spend their money on travel than on a home. This opens up financial options for anybody considering purchasing a rental property, and millennials are the demographic to target if you’re investing in short-term rentals.

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Younger Demographics Put More Interest on Vacation Rental than Hotels in Bali

Younger Demographics Put More Interest on Vacation Rental than Hotels in Bali

Reflecting on travel trend during 2018 – 2021, it’s clear that the younger generations (aged 24 and below) quickly follow the path of their older brother and sisters. Data shows that 70% of rental tourists in the United States alone are under the age of 44: they’re reasonably rich, spend and travel more than other demographic groups. They prefer to connect with their hosts, and emphasize experiences and culture above relaxing. A reason why they will look more on private, unique Bali villas than all-inclusive hotels if they take a vacation to Bali. 

Why Millennials Would Prefer Private Villas over Hotel While Vacationing in Bali

There are a number of reasons why millennials choose vacation rentals than hotel accommodations. Apart from being less expensive than hotel rooms, rental apartments provide millennials with access to a variety of facilities such as a kitchen and a private pool. Because millennials are always looking for new experiences, living in villas allows them to immerse themselves in the local culture. This is something that’s totally different from the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. The previous generations tend to choose resorts over some secluded and unique villa with genuine local experiences. 

Millennials Have the Money and More Budget Spent on Leisure

Furthermore, as more millennials enter the labor force and acquire disposable cash, studies indicate that they are more inclined to spend it on travel and vacation. If you’re a real estate investor looking to buy a vacation home rental property, we recommend investing in the top millennial travel destinations. Your Bali vacation rental property will have a high occupancy rate in these areas, generating a respectable rental income for a solid ROI.

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Travelling is on the Need for Millennials and Younger Gens

Millennials, closely followed by Generation Z (aged 18 to 23), are more motivated to travel than any previous generation. Home ownership is out of reach for many people, but flying travel is very affordable. Many people haven’t started families yet, and information about unusual locations spreads quickly. They want to go on an adventure, and that desire takes precedence over nearly every other budget line.

Millennials also travel for work more than previous generations, and they are at ease blending business and pleasure. Over the last two years, more than half of those trips have been extended to include personal vacation time, and many continue to work while overseas.

Are you ready to accommodate the millennials and soon-to-be-adult Gen X to your vacation rental Bali? 

Safety Travel Tips For Pregnant Women With Different Transport Options

Travelling as pregnant woman can fee a little bit more daunting. However, it is possible that you visit a place you dream of while being pregnant as long as you know what to do to stay safe. The key is to talk with your prenatal advisors such as doctor or OB-GYN so you get valuable advice and guide to travel safely for both you and your baby. 

Pregnant blond-haired woman in a living room

How to travel safely with different transport options for pregnant women 

There are many ways you can reach your travel destination. You can travel by plane, car, train, or cruise ship. Every type of transport may cause different risk for your pregnancy you need to be more cautious about. And here are safety travel tips for you as pregnant women with different transport options:

Travelling by plane

Most airlines require pregnant travelers to bring a prenatal record and doctor’s certificate that inform your condition, as well as your eligibility to fly during your pregnancy. If you are about to have a long-haul flight, prepare everything you are going to need well. Be careful of the risk of blood clots to pregnant women while flying. During the flight, you need to stay hydrated, move around every few hours, and keep good blood circulation especially in your legs. It is suggested that you book an aisle seat to make it easier for you to get up and walk around to stretch and go to the toilet. Avoid carbonated drinks and put your seat belt lower on your hip bones, below your belly to stay comfortable. 

Travelling by train and car

Travelling by train or car during pregnancy is still possible. However, you also need to be mindful oft he duration. Long haul road trip and train journeys can exhaust you with lots of sitting and moving. It is strongly suggested that you move and stretch every few hours. If you travel by train, make sure to pack what you are going to need even though the staffs may provide them for you at some points. If you travel by car, make sure that your ride is in good condition, and plan out stops along the way so you can stretch your legs and go to the bathroom to refresh yourself. Pack some snack and drink enough water throughout the trip. 

Travelling by cruise ship

Even regular travelers may experience seasickness such as nausea, dizzy, and vomiting when travel by cruise ship. Added pregnancy into the mix, you may experience worse morning sickness. Hence, talk to your doctor so they can prepare you medicines to help ease seasickness and morning sickness. Avoid travelling by cruise ship during the first trimester of your pregnancy to minimize the risk of worse morning sickness. 

During travel, you need to keep an eye open on your health and bodily function to see if there is sign of bleeding, contraction, etc. Also, check for travel advisories in advance to know who and where to get help just in case of emergency. 

Common Packing Problems During Travel

Common Packing Problems During Travel

Packing seems like a simple thing to do but not many travelers can do it right. There have been many travelers being stopped at the airport security check because they carried prohibited items. Other problems include broken bag or spilled container from inside your bag. So, problems related to packing can be very depressing for travelers. It can ruin the entire mood for fun and smooth travel.

Solving common packing problems for smooth travel

Forgetting your essentials for travel at home. It doesn’t matter if you just left minor things such as toothbrush since you can buy it at your destination. However, it becomes serious problem if you left important items such as wallet, phone charger, guide book, etc. If the time is too tight for you to come back picking up your items, ask someone you know to get it for you to the airport. If you have to come back home and miss your flight, try to get on the next flight.

Solving common packing problems for smooth travel

What should you do when you have too many souvenirs from your trip before returning to home? It is one of the most common problems faced by travelers. They don’t have enough space to keep the souvenirs or they only carried small bag. The solution for this problem is to ship your souvenirs back home. It is a safe bet especially when your souvenirs are something fragile and large. Another option is to mail the item yourself using major international shipping company. Or, you can also pack a foldable bag that doesn’t take up space too much in your suitcase. 

If airport security confiscate your valuable belonging, ask them politely if you can take it away from the checkpoint. If they say yes, you can move prohibited items into your luggage. You can also place it back to your car or give someone who drop you off at the airport a call so they can come back to help you keep your prohibited item. Promise them a souvenir from your trip to brighten up their day especially if they have to turn their car around.  

Broken travelling luggage is not that common but it does happen sometimes to travelers. Some of them broke at the airport. There are many reasons why it can happen such as wear, tear, broken zippers, overpacking, etc. Always bring a duck tape before travelling anywhere to solve problem with suitcase with a gaping hole. If you forgot, ask people around you if they have any. Or, use a paper clip to fix your bag with broken zipper. 

Next common problem is something spills all over your stuff. If your clothes are stained, bring them to professional cleaner. Or, ask the hotel staff if there is any laundry service. Or, you can clean your clothes yourself using white vinegar, clean remover detergent, or dishwashing soap. Just dab the stains and don’t rub it to prevent it from spreading. Some of your items might not be salvaged so you might have to buy them. 

Flores Sea Safari Tips for Dive and Cruise


  Flores Sea Safari Tips for Dive and Cruise

If you are planning a sea safari tour with Dive and Cruise on the island of Flores, you should not just order a package or a boat sail. But you should pay attention to the seasons that occur in eastern Indonesia because it greatly affects your goals. Because in one year the natural situation in Flores does not experience the same conditions every month. 

For those of you who like to play in the water and enjoy the charm of the ocean, October to December is a very comfortable vacation recommendation for Liveaboard Indonesia. Because this month the weather in Flores is bright, it also makes the sea waves calm. Therefore, the view of the richness of marine life there will look more amazing, and satisfy your diving or snorkeling desires. 

However, if it has entered the month of December, the rainy season has started to come, but because it is still in the beginning, the rain usually comes at night, and a workaround this is by diving in the sea during the day.

Before Dive and Cruise:

  1. Don’t be easily tempted by cheap tour packages.
    Some cheap package offers usually do not include snorkeling equipment, meals, entrance tickets for tourist attractions, and others.
  2. Bring a portable wifi modem.
    If on Sailing Komodo you still need an internet connection, you need to bring portable wifi, because the telecommunication signal on some Flores island for the middle of the sea is very weak.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask the hotel staff.
    This helps you get recommendations for boat tour packages for Dive and Cruise.
  4. Don’t try diving if you are inexperienced.
    The current conditions in the waters of Komodo island are quite strong, if you are not experienced you should consider again.
  5. Don’t pay before seeing the boat in person.
    This is an important thing for those of you who are going to book a Dive and Cruise on the spot.
  6. Fire alert.
    Most of the island around Labuan Bajo are arid grasslands, especially in the dry season. Small sparks can potentially start a fire, such as from cigarette coals.
  7. Always stay near the ranger when visiting Komodo island or Rinca island.
    However, the Komodo Dragon is a cold-blooded animal that still needs to be aware of because of its aggressive nature.
  8. Avoid visiting Komodo during menstruation.
    This is because to avoid the unwanted, Komodo Dragons have a sharp smell and can detect the scent of blood from a distance of 5 kilometers.
  9. Bring sturdy hiking boots.
    The terrain that must be traversed in several areas is quite steep and challenging, so don’t underestimate it.
  10. Prepare enough cash.
    Although the development in Labuan Bajo is quite rapid, the number of ATMs is still very limited there.

Sailing Boat Refrence

If you are ready to Dive and Cruise you have the right to properly enjoy the charm of the Indonesian Phinisi Boat in very luxurious and deluxe style. With the ship of the month recommendations below, you will be guaranteed satisfaction, and you will not be disappointed or sorry.


The rich and diverse Indonesian heritage is reflected in the little things that make up the entirety of your living space aboard. This charming phinisi is a delightful mix of modern interior and comfort with traditional, timeless aesthetics. 

There are two master suites, each suite features a private balcony, giving you unobstructed access to the vast oceans and breathtaking nature. With 7 cabins in total, fully air-conditioned, and ensuite bathrooms, your comfort aboard is guaranteed.

Flores Sea Safari


Splendour boat invites you to seize your holiday on a yacht that blends the classic and contemporary style at once. It is an ideal way to appreciate the beauty of nature with no need to hassle yourself.

Splendour boats are specially designed with modern furniture that fit your lifestyle. There are 3 cabins that will offer the most comfortable onboard sleeping experience. 

1 master cabin with en-suite bathroom and WC. This well-designed cabin features fine linens, reading light air conditioner, ventilation hatches, 4 portholes and a personal B&O speaker system.

2 cocoon cabins with shared bathroom and WC. Each of this modest cabin features linens, air-conditioning, reading lights, 2 portholes and a personal B&O speaker system.

Optional outdoor sleeping areas on back lounge, saloon and lounges, dining saloon, open-plan kitchen bar, back & front lounges.

Flores Sea Safari


A great deal of effort is put into designing Magia 2. Every material, color, and fabric around the yacht is chosen carefully and crafted with attention to delta. On its deck, you can find cozy  relaxation areas on both the bow and stern part. And in the cabin, a spacious room with a huge comfortable bed is ready to greet you after a long day. 

1 master cabin with a king-size bed fit for 2 persons. Exclusive to the master cabin is the balcony with a 180 view, a sofa, and a 2 seater jacuzzi.

1 vip cabin with a king-size bed and 2 single beds fit for 4 people. Standard facilities like mentioned above.

2 guest cabins with king-size beds each fit for 2 people. Standard facilities. 

A living room connected to the dining area with a large daybed

An open deck lounge in the bow with 2 sunbeds.

Flores Sea Safari

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The Importance Of Travel Advisories And Alerts

The Importance Of Travel Advisories And Alerts

Safety is the main priority when it comes to travel regardless of your destination. Before travel, it is a must to check travel advisories and alerts from your local authority. Your government can provide information to ensure their citizen can travel safely. Travel advisories or warning not by any mean a way to stop you from travelling, unless it is life and death situation involved such as terrorism or global pandemic like covid-19. The best thing to do is to evaluate travel advisories and alert first. 

Travel advisories and alerts for safer travel

Travel advisories are issued by government to inform their citizen safety concerns that may affect travel to a particular country or region. In travel advisories you will also find notes from government to show which country or place they don’t have the ability to respond to the problems their citizen travelling there. It can be because the government doesn’t have embassy in that particular country or some other reasons. 

Getting to know the travel warning letters

Every government of country may have different format of travel advisories. However, the majority of travel advisories consist of potential risks in a given destination such as terrorism, political unrest, natural disasters, wars, outbreaks of crime and health concerns. They also include risk level of each case so you see which place has higher risk. There are different letters to indicate potential risk such as C for crime,T for terrorism, N for natural disaster, K for kidnapping, etc. Travel advisories may stay static or change according to the situation and circumstances. 

Travel alert

Travel alert

The next one is travel alert. It is issued to cover specific safety and security concerns in a country such as demonstrations, weather events, crime trends, etc. Alerts usually come from the embassy and consulate. Travel alerts don’t mean you are not allow to travel. However, it is full of helpful information worth knowing so you know what to expect and anticipate. Travel alerts usually stay shorter than travel advisories which can stay static for months. Travel alerts usually stay for about one month. 

Reading the situation

After reading travel advisory and alert, you can evaluate the situation and make your own decision since they are not there to legally stop you from travelling. You can travel at your own risk. However, it is best to weigh down every possibility and risk before travelling. If you decide tot ravel to a place with high rate risk the government will still help you if you run into trouble while being abroad. 

Stay alert at all times

Travel advisories usually contain information about dangerous situation such as in terrorism risk. You have to stay alert by finding information who the targets are because it is not rare for terrorism to target foreign tourists. 

Find up-to-date informations

Also, it is important to find up-to-date travel advisories and alerts. If they are more than few months old, you can dig in more information from other trusted resources such as international newspaper’s websites, or Google News. Also, find information about your country’s embassy to see how it functions and fully staffed.