Most Gorgeous Black Sand Beaches Around The World

Beach vacations are one of the best types of getaways most people love regardless of ages. There is that type of serenity when it comes to beach vacation especially when you visit the one that is a little more secluded instead of popular beaches. Also, beaches have their own unique points from color to features they tied to. For example, there are beaches that have various colors such as white, pink, and even black. 

Visit these gorgeous black beaches for your next getaway

the black color of sand beaches is often caused by volcanic rocks. Beaches located near active volcano has potential to have their sand in black color. And it just adds to the beauty of the nature it presents. Aside from taking album-worthy pictures, there are so many activities to do at black sand beaches just like you do at other type of beaches. And here are the most gorgeous black sand beaches worth visiting for:

Playa Jardin, Canary Island

Playa Jardin Canary Island
Image source: Pinterest

Playa Jardin is located in northern Tenerife, on Canary Island. This wonderland is loved by many visitors due to its inky feature. Don’t forget to also visit Verdant gardens that were designed beautifully with variety of blooms while you also enjoy the coal-black sand. Most come here to also surf since the waves are optimal for boogie boarding and surfing. This is a relatively safe destination since it is also guarded by professional lifeguards. It is also family-friendly since playground for kids are available as well. 

Kamari Beach, Greece

Kamari Beach Greece
Image source: Tripadvisor

Kamari beach offers such a picturesque spot with its black sand. It is said to be one of the largest black sand beaches on the volcano isle in Greece. From this beach, you will get to see stunning view of the towering Mesa Vouno. You can enjoy your time comfortably because there are umbrellas and lounge chairs available on the beach. This is also a perfect place for you to try various water sports. Next to the beach is restaurant, cafe, shop, and rental company. Come visit during summer if you want to enjoy cal, azure water more. 

Lovina Beach, Bali

Lovina Beach, Bali
Image source: Pinterest

Bali is one of the top list of almost everyone’s bucket list. There are many types of natural beauty here and one of the is Lovina Beach that has ebony strand. The coast runs along 12 kilo meter stretch of volcanic sand. This is relatively calmer spot in bali compared to other beaches such as Kuta or Jimbaran Bay. Lovina Beach has smaller waves and is kids-friendly. Aside from snorkelling, dolphin watching is the reason why people come to this inky beach. 

Karekare Beach, New Zealand

Karekare Beach, New Zealand
Image source: Reddit

This stunning jet-black sand beach is located 35 kilo meters southwest of Auckland. This rugged beauty is also close to a waterfall since it is located in Karekare Regional Park. With epic waves, this is such a perfect spot for surfers. It is highly suggested to wear shoes when strolling around the strand since the black sand retains heat which may make it hot during summer.

Best Staying Experience Tips at Bali Beach Resort for Non-Resort Person

Best Staying Experience Tips at Bali Beach Resort for Non-Resort Person

So, you’re not actually a resort person but you love the convenience that come with a resort. Maybe you were ‘dragged’ by your spouse or family to spend a holiday in Bali in a resort. To be fair, resorts in tropical locations like Bali entice the traveling public with some incredibly low-cost vacation packages, many of which are simply too good to pass up. It’s not that you hate it, but you are more of an independent traveler who dislikes being caged up in a little space with a bunch of strangers with nothing to do but stare at the water. If you are a more adventurous type, a beach resort in Nusa Dua Bali might sounds boring—despite of its facility.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a resort experience at all. Here are some tips for surviving a resort environment while still taking advantage of beach resort’s vacation deals.

Choose the Right Beach Resort in Nusa Dua Bali

To choose the right resort, you’ll need to do some homework and perform some research. Not only would the perfect location be close to the airport, but it would also allow you to depart the property safely. Find one that has a nice balance of on-site and local activities that interest you. Just like this Nusa Dua beach hotel & spa Bali that’s conveniently tucked just 15 minutes drive from the airport and close to the town.

If the resort is located in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest populous region 45 minutes away, you’ll likely feel like a prisoner rather than a traveler. Remember that a west-facing site will provide you with stunning sunsets.

Explore the Whole Nusa Dua Beach Resort to Try New Things

Explore the Whole Nusa Dua Beach Resort to Try New Things

This is your vacation, so do anything you want with it. And if you discover a favorite reclining location by the pool or a favorite breakfast restaurant with the best made-to-order omelets right away, put it on repeat every day until it’s time to leave. Similarly, if you’ve visited Mexico before and want to spend your time relaxing on the beach, there’s no need to schedule a number of off-site excursions to local cenotes, archaeological ruins, or snorkeling spots.

If you’re visiting a new holiday area, you’ll want to check out all the resort and its environs have to offer. That involves looking for the best places to read your book (a hammock, a lounge chair, or a beach bed!) or reserving a table at one of the many a la carte restaurants (typically upon arrival with the concierge or restaurant staff, to avoid missing out).

Consider stopping by the resort’s tour desk to sign up for off-property excursions to learn about the local culture or enjoy a variety of activities, such as a banana boating, parasailing, or participating in turtle conservatory program!

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Chill Around the Resort—and Be Flexible with That

Everyone desires and requires relaxation. It is, after all, a holiday. Making the most of your free time necessitates a degree of adaptability on your part. When you initially arrive at the Nusa dua beach resort, get a feel for the area. Determine when the beach or pool areas are the busiest and schedule your visit appropriately.

Maybe you can grab a book and park it on an empty lounge chair while everyone else is eating lunch. When the crowds start to get to you, take a leisurely stroll across the warm, foaming waves on the white sand.

Are all the lounge chairs taken? Head to the spa and enjoy a relaxing Nusa Dua spa experience or join a yoga class.

Interact with the Locals

The majority of independent travelers want to learn as much as they can about the locations they visit. They look for ways to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and character of their travels. That style should not be stifled by an island resort.

Interact with some of the locals that work at the resort as well as those you meet off-site. Inquire as to where they go and what they enjoy doing.

Most will jump at the chance to tell you stories and educate you on anything from island folklore to hotspots for nightlife — or, more crucially, what to avoid.

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Leave the Resort for Some Adventures

Bali is a stunningly gorgeous island. While many resorts occupy great real estate in the most desirable places, there are still private, hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Rent a car, even if only for a day, if you can afford it, to drive around aimlessly and uncover your own little patch of paradise.

It’s usually a good idea to explore more of the place you’re visiting while you’re there for a relaxed beach vacation. View the destination’s natural surroundings or adjacent cities. All-inclusive resorts are massive man-made complexes that rarely reflect the culture of the nation you’re visiting. You’ll learn something new, connect more with the locals, and contribute to the local economy by leaving the resort.

Tips For Planning A Long-Term Travel

Be flexible with your itinerary

It is pretty easy to plan for a short trip. In fact, it is simple enough that you don’t really carry too much in your luggage. You can just pack a few clothes and other essentials that will last you for few days or weeks. However, it is very different when you plan for a long-term travel where you will be in new place for few moths for example. A long-term travel is more like moving out instead of a simple holiday. You need to plan it more thoroughly. And here are some useful tips for a long-term travel:

Plan your finance

Any kind of travel needs money and it is even more challenging if you plan for a long-term travel.travelling for a long period of time means you need to be prepared with your finance. You may want to stick with your budget otherwise you will be running out of money faster than you thought. Make a reasonable budget prior the trip and stick to it. Also, it is highly recommended that you prepare double the amount of the budget you calculated just in case you face an emergency during the trip. 

Be flexible with your itinerary

It is understandable that you want everything to be in your control. However, a long-term travel allows you to fully experience the trip. Hence, you don’t really need a a tight schedule filled your itinerary. You can make a rough plan of how you are going to spend your long-term trip. Try not to over-plan and keep your options open. It is best to stay longer in one place and fully enjoy everything it has rather than jumping from one place to another in short period of time. There is a sense of accomplishment when you try a slow-travel. 

Pack sensibly

Travelling for  long period of time doesn’t have to make you pack too many clothes. Just pack clothes that will last you for 10 days and you will be fine. Long-term travel allows you to settle longer in one place. Hence, you have more opportunity to wash your clothes. Packing too many clothes will only restrict your mobility. You won’t be able to move around as freely with heavy suitcase dragging you. 

See your doctor

It is important to make sure that your health is in good condition for a long-term travel. Even if you don’t have any particular health issue, you may still need to see your doctor for vaccinations. If you are taking medications on regular, let your doctor know about your travel plan so they can prescribe you sufficient amount of medications to last you the trip. 

Enjoy to the fullest

There are many things you can do to make the most of your long-term travel. You can write everything you want to do or accomplish just like how you make bucket list. You can plan on working or volunteering. Don’t forget to keep your workout regime and eat healthily so you stay in shape and healthy during a long-term trip.

8 Essentials to Get Ready to be A Host for Vacation Rental in Bali

8 Essentials to Get Ready for Before You Become A Host for Vacation Rental in Bali
Gorgeous private villa in Seminyak

Do you have an empty villa in Bali that you’d want to rent out for some additional cash? Or maybe you have a spare room you could rent out? Perhaps you’ve heard about how much money your friend makes from hosting villas in Seminyak or other touristy areas in Bali, and it’s inspired you to invest in a dedicated rental unit? There’s no doubting that this is a hugely profitable potential for individuals who are ready to put in the time and effort to establish a safe and comfortable rental space for guests.

However, there are a few things you should know if you plan to start renting out your home or a room in your home as an Airbnb. These are very essential matters that you need to prepare before welcoming guests to your villas

Prepare Your Seminyak Villas for Guests

To begin, prepare your home for visitors. There are numerous things that go into this phase, many of which I’ve already discussed in greater depth here. To put it another way, if you want people to book stays at your property, you must first see it through their eyes. Consider what you hope to get out of your trip accommodations. Your Airbnb should be modeled after those locations.

Recruit the Help of Your Neighbors

After that, you’ll want to enlist the help of your neighbors. Is this a must-have? It’s something I definitely endorse, especially in terms of guest happiness. As long as your neighbors are aware of your situation and are at ease with you occasionally welcoming guests from all over the world to the house, everything will be easier. It will minimise complaints from both your neighbours and the guests themselves. 

Create Your Vacation Rental Profile

Create Your Vacation Rental Profile
Sunny villa with private pool

Setting up your Airbnb profile comes after you’ve gotten all of your ducks in an order at home. This is extremely significant because it is a prospective guest’s initial impression that will frequently influence whether or not they will book with you. Make sure your profile is full, with a thorough description and high-resolution photos. Also, always be truthful. If you falsify something, it may result in you losing future appointments.

How Will Renting Affect Your Taxes?

It should come as no surprise that rental revenue has an impact on your taxes. Don’t be surprised if the government comes after a portion of your recently acquired rental revenue. Speak with a tax professional ahead of time to get a sense of what to expect and what you can do to prevent an exorbitant tax burden.

Look for the Appropriate Price Range for Villas in Seminyak and Other Areas

Look for the Appropriate Price Range for Villas in Seminyak and Other Areas

For renting your villas in Bali, you are free to charge whatever you choose. It’s your villa, so you get to decide how much you want to rent it out for. However, make sure that the rental price of the villa follows with its surrounding area. The price of vacation rental rental in Seminyak would be different with the ones in Lovina, Ubud, or Denpasar. Take notes that the rates you select has a significant impact on all aspects of renting. If you make the price too high, you’ll drive customers away or establish unrealistic expectations that you’ll never be able to satisfy. People will avoid it if it is set too low because they will assume something is wrong. What is the best way to avoid both of these issues? Compare rates in your location and base your pricing on the results.

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Establish and Implement House Rules in Your Vacation Rental Bali

What is the most essential thing you can take away from this? Because your vacation rental is your property, you have complete control over the rules. And it’s essential to make things crystal obvious to guests so that uncertainty doesn’t cause problems.

Maintain 5-Star Worthy of Cleanliness

Maintain 5-Star Worthy of Cleanliness
Clean room in rental house

It makes no difference how cozy your Seminyak villas are or what amenities you provide to guests. Your property could be in the world’s most cosmopolitan city or only steps away from the area’s most popular destination. People will not like it if the house is not clean. Before you start renting, one of the most crucial things you can do is figure out how you’ll maintain the place tidy. The majority of customers accomplish this by hiring a professional cleaning service, which works out perfectly because Airbnb allows you to charge a cleaning fee.

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Be Sensitive to Guests’ Needs 

Guests love when they sleep in a vacation rental that thoroughly cater their needs. Maintain open lines of contact and giving them with all of the information they require in so they will have a pleasant stay in your Bali beach house. Try making a welcome book with information on everything from how to operate the appliances to where to get breakfast in town. These details will not only make your guests pleased, but they will also reduce the number of calls, emails, and texts you receive with questions. 

Best Things To Do When You Are In Indonesia

It is possible that you rarely heard Indonesia but you must have heard about Bali so often. Meanwhile, Bali is located in Indonesia, one of the largest archipelago in the world. Even though Bali is undeniably the most popular tourist destination of the country, Indonesia’s tourism scene is beyond. There are many more places you must explore to really see what’s so charming about the country with more than 17,000 islands. The country also has the most divergent culture embracing various customs and traditions for generations. And here are some tips of what to do when you travel around Indonesia:

Try Indonesian street foods

Regardless of what city you are visiting, it is a must to try street food culinary. In the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, you can almost try iconic street foods from different regions across the country such as Sundanese, Balinese, Javanese, and other cuisines. Try buying foods from kaki lima or food carts with relatively cheap price. 

Get deeper into the culture

There are many places in Indonesia if you want to learn more about the culture. For Sundanese culture, you can to Bandung and and visit Saung Angklung Udjo. It is where you can learn more about Sundanese bamboo instrument called angklung, how to play it, and watch live performance. If you want to learn more about Javanese culture, come visit Yogyakarta since it is home to the last reigning sultan in Indonesia. You can visit sultan’s palace or Kraton, visit Prambanan and Borodubur temple, and shop around at Malioboro shopping district. 

Temples hopping at Bali

photos of a temple in Bali
Taman Anyn

Of course, Bali is also such an interesting destination to visit. It is rich with culture where the people still embrace their tradition and customs religiously. Aside from enjoying the beach scene and nightlife, it is highly recommended to visit temples in Bali. There are around 2,000 temples in Bali you can visit. The majority of temples here are Hindus. Make sure to abide by the rules during your visit. Not all parts of the temples are open for tourists since they are sacred and only available for the locals to pray.  

Meet the ancient creature

Indonesia is the only home to the ancient creature called Komodo Dragons. These dangerous creatures inhibit Komodo Island, where you can reach from Bali. Located at Komodo National Park, you get to see how massive these giant lizards are in real life. However, make sure to always follow the rules from the guides to stay safe. Aside from seeing Komodo dragons, you may also get to meet manta rays, and local turtles. 

Enjoy vibrant marine life

Indonesia lies in the southwestern corner of a biodiverse Coral Triangle. You can find various rare underwater creatures in Indonesia. There are many best diving and snorkeling spots where you can explore the underwater more. One of the most recommended places is Raja Ampat in West Papua. Its thousands islets home to over 70 percent of the world’s coral species. Other best destinations to enjoy stunning biodiversity include East Bali, and Wakatobi.

Getting Started to Scuba Diving as beginners

Maybe you read some article somewhere about the many diving spots you can go to in Bali like Menjangan Island, Tulamben, or Nusa Penida and wanted to immediately take diving lessons near you without knowing how beginners should start. It is really tempting to just start your diving trip immediately. But before you take scuba diving, there are some important preparations like taking a course to get certified that you need to do before you can start scuba diving on your own, especially if you are beginners. 

scuba diving beginners
source : Instagram/@duniabaliatlantis

Meet the Requirements to Become a Scuba Diver

There are some requirements that you need to fulfill before you can take lessons to become a diver. To become a scuba diver, you need to be at least 10 years old, have a good physical condition when taking the course, and know how to swim. Just in case you have breathing problems it is better to consult a doctor first before you can take the course. If you’re a disabled, you don’t have to worry because there are diving instructors that can teach you even if you’re disabled.

Do Your Own Research About Which Diving Certification is Suitable for You

There are many kinds of certification standards out there. Some of the biggest training agencies are  PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and SSI (Scuba Schools International) because they have standards that’s approved by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC). Both of them have their own way of teaching you how to dive but they’re essentially the same. If you want to choose which one is the best for you, both of them are almost the same,  however SSI courses are cheaper, meanwhile PADI certification is accepted worldwide. These certifications are required because no dive gear shops wont get your air tanks filled unless you’re a certified diver. Even if you got your gear ready, a dive tour operator won’t take you to a diving spot if you don’t have a proper certification.

Find Diving Lessons That Suit Beginners

After you choose which certification you’re planning to get, you should take the certification courses that suit your needs. It is extremely important for beginners to get a proper scuba diving lessons for beginners to get ready for diving properly. If you are planning to take courses in Bali, you can take diving beginner courses at Atlantis Bali Diving. They have multiple PADI certified diving courses that you can choose from beginner to advanced packages. 

Plan Your Diving Trips Accordingly

After you are certified, you can finally plan your diving trips. There are multiple diving sites in Bali that are friendly for beginners. You can either choose to do a wreck diving trip to see sunken ships or do a safari where you can see marine creatures roaming around in their natural habitats. There’s also a liveaboard trip that you can take to enjoy diving to the fullest.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Holiday Villas in Bali

Many travelers are still afraid to book an Airbnb or similar holiday rental, but there are numerous benefits to doing so. They’re frequently a way to save money, particularly if you’re visiting a famous tourist site. One of the advantage of staying in a Bali holiday villas is that you have a lot more options for where to stay. You not only have more options, but they are generally in high-demand locations like the seaside town, in the heart of Bali, or even in pristine secluded location surrounded by the nature. 

Staying in someone’s Bali house can be a fantastic opportunity to get a true sense of the place you’re visiting. You’ll feel less like a tourist and more like a traveler. Many times, the hosts can provide helpful hints to make your stay and visit to the island a memorable one.

Always Read the Reviews and Gain Some Insight of the Villa

Always Read the Reviews and Gain Some Insight of the Villa

This tip can also be found on a variety of other websites. But it’s because this is a crucial phase! Only book properties that have at least 5 well-written reviews, preferably more. Take a look at as many as you can. If there are more than 20 reviews, it’s probably a popular item, and you should have no trouble purchasing it. Make sure the reviews are current as well. Before booking, contact the host if there hasn’t been a review in over a year. Check to see if they’re still taking reservations.

Get the Exterior Photo of Your Bali Holiday Villas!

Get the Exterior Photo of Your Bali Holiday Villa!

If the listing doesn’t include a photo of the building’s exterior, ask the host for a description or to send you a photo. Not many people think about this, but it’s actually very important especially if it’s your first time travelling to Bali

Why? If you’re visiting a new city or a country, the accommodation description may differ from what you’re used to. It’s helpful to know what to look for when you arrive to your Bali holiday villas, especially if you’ll be arriving late at night.

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Double Check the Provided Amenities in the Villa

Double Check the Provided Amenities in the Villa

When compared to a hotel, one of the best things about renting on sites like Airbnb or VRBO is that you usually get all of the same great amenities.

If you have specific goods that are required for your daily routine (ahem, coffee), don’t be hesitant to inquire about what will be accessible. Some people have Keurigs or Nespresso machines. Some people have a mokapot or a french press. Some have drip machines, while others have none or only a kettle. In many situations, booking an apartment or vacation home on sites like Airbnb is solely for the purpose of using the kitchen.

Be as Punctual as Possible with Your Arrival Time

Be as Punctual as Possible with Your Arrival Time

If you’re on a longer vacation and moving from place to place, arriving late to your vacation rental in Bali can be problematic.

The more precise you are, the more enjoyable your experience will be. We’ve had multiple instances were we were late because we were lost, didn’t realize how long it would take us to get there, or got distracted while looking out something else along the route. If you have a working phone, this isn’t generally a problem, but if you’re traveling to a strange nation and dependent solely on WiFi, plan ahead as much as possible and keep to it.

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Look Up Your Bali Villas in Google Map!

Look Up Your Bali Villas in Google Map!

Use the map option instead of the list feature when picking a holiday home in Bali to book in OTA like AirBnb, VRBO, Traveloka, or others. This allows you to focus on a specific location. I occasionally pin a location that I like and then look it up on Google Maps to get a better feel of how walkable it is and what else is in the area.

Using this as a foundation, go to Google Maps and look for an area or neighborhood you’d like to stay in. Then focus your search on that area, using terms like “homestay,” “vacation rental,” and “vacation home.” You might broaden your search to include places to stay that aren’t featured on standard rental sites like Homeaway, VRBO, or other independent rental sites.

Collect Your Travel Memories In The Best Way Possible

One of the many reasons why people love travelling so much is the memories that can be recalled later. Through those memories, you can share your stories with others. Travel memories also make you feel like having more meaningful journey. Sometime, you see a book you bought during your trip and remembered what heartfelt story behind it. Travel memories are precious and so that many travelers choose to capture them as much as possible. However, every traveler may have different ways in collecting their travel memories. And here are ways you can capture your travel memories in the best way possible:

Use a map

Today’s travelers might not be too excited about carrying physical map throughout their adventures. However, there is this kind of unique satisfaction of planning your paths with the map. You can use your map as a reminder of your next journey, or motivation to travel more. And when you look at those places in your map you have visited, you will be able to recall the stories vividly. 

Write a travel journal

Even if you are not professional writer or author, you can always write everything everywhere you are. Capturing travel memories through your own words feel very personal. You can enjoy it for yourself later or share it with your loved ones if you want. Also, many travelers find this activity to be calming and healing during their trip. It feels like a therapy to center yourself while enjoying your adventure. You can buy a travel journal but it is more recommended to choose the physical travelbook instead of digital one so you can experience the most out of writing a travel journal. 

Use unique photography

Taking pictures is one of the most popular ways people capturing their travel journey. It is easy and you can do it using your camera phone or professional camera. Try to be spontaneous in capturing the memories during your trip to see how wonderful it will be when you see it later. Or, you can also take more unique approach in taking pictures such as by using an Instax Camera. Polaroids are timeless and always look amazing regardless what year you look at them. 

Make a video

Video is interesting because it is more lively. Through the motions, you can actually feel the mood, listen to the natural noises, as well as capture the emotion better. It can be challenging to take good videos of your travel journey. However, you don’t have to focus on it. Instead, focus on what kind of memories you want to collect through the videos. 

Create a travel scrapbook

This feels like an old school style but it’s truly worth it. You can use literally anything to fill up your travel memory book. You can fill it with entrance tickets, coin rubbings, sweet wrappers, leaflets, and even dry leaves. You can also pour your creativity into making an interesting scrapbook. Use various colored pens, manics, etc, and make it as personal as possible for you.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Snorkeling – How To Safe Snorkeling

Raja Ampat has a well-deserved reputation as one of the top diving and underwater photography destinations in the world, but the snorkeling in Raja Ampat is also world-class. The diversity of habitats and marine life found in the ocean’s upper few meters is incredible. Even better, most hotels in Raja Ampat have excellent snorkeling right outside their doors. Almost everything that can be seen diving in Raja Ampat can also be seen snorkeling. The favorite way that many tourists take to explore diving and snorkeling spots is joining the Raja Ampat liveaboard. Staying for days on the boat, reaching many spots without wasting time.

snorkeling in raja ampat
Img resource: pexel

Raja Ampat Liveaboard – Safe Snorkeling

When swimming or snorkeling at Raja Ampat, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When the tides are running, most sites have exceptionally strong currents. If you don’t want to be a cork in the stream, you’ll need fins. If you don’t have a guide, keep checking your position in relation to the shore. Conditions can soon alter.

Reef preservation: Take a look. Please don’t touch! This entails crossing coral to get into the sea. Coral grazes or wounds are notoriously prone to becoming infected, in addition to the damage caused by handling or crushing underfoot. Some species can also cause severe stings. You should avoid handling any type of marine life. On the reef, there are many small and attractive critters that can do serious harm to you. It’s a huge list: blue-ring octopus, cone shells, and lionfish.

Hazards posed by marine animals are discussed in further detail in our health and medical FAQ. The only animals you’re likely to have an issue with are jellyfish if you follow the “don’t touch” rule. Many of them are practically undetectable. Wearing a lycra skinsuit is the greatest way to protect oneself from these and other major risks in Raja Ampat.

Sunburn: Wear sunscreen and/or lycra to avoid becoming sunburned. Raja Ampat liveaboard snorkeling is so enjoyable that a few hours might pass in the blink of an eye. You’ll never regret snorkeling, but you’ll always regret being so badly fried that you had to stop.

Dehydration: It may seem counterintuitive to become dehydrated after spending all day in the water, but it is possible. Don’t forget to drink!

Batanta is a snorkeling paradise.

At Batanta, all of the homestays enjoy excellent snorkeling right outside the door. Batanta’s reefs are just as rich and pure as West Waigeo’s, and the region’s seagrass plains provide additional attractions. There are even dugongs!

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The Most Surreal Hidden Beaches In Yogyakarta Worth Visiting For

Yogyakarta is know for its beautiful nature that is like a gift from God Himself. From mountains to beaches, everything ou need for a wonderful experience during your visit is available. It is not surprising since the Indian Ocean lying adjacent to Yogyakarta’s southern shoreline. It results in beautiful beaches that even some of them are still waiting to be discovered. 

Wedi Ombo Beach
image: visitingjogja

Beautiful hidden beaches to visit in Yogyakarta

In Yogyakarta there are many beaches you get to visit to experience that ultimate beach-hopping. There are so many different types of beaches in Yogyakarta such as the one with azure water, or rugged landscapes, or sunflower field, or even a beach waterfall. If you are feeling more adventurous than finding those already unique beaches, here are more surreal hidden beaches you can find in Yogyakarta:

Wedi Ombo Beach

This beach can be reached in 2 hours and 10 minutes from Jogja. It is located precisely in Gunung Kidul, one of the most popular destinations. This beach is surrounded by stacked coral rocks that is beautifully crafted you think it is made by human on purpose. Although this place is surreal and wonderful, you still get to be careful because the location is pretty hidden while the tide levels are high. Sometimes, the tide overflows the lagoon itself so be careful when spending  your time here. There is a possibility that you are being hit by the waves, dragged into the ocean, hit the rocks, and suffered a serious injury.

Nguluran Beach

This beach is pretty hidden but already famous among Instagrammer travelers. The beach looks dangerous and powerful. However, that doesn’t stop people from visiting this place. And one of the goals is to get beautiful pictures on the cliffside. There is a special spot for taking pictures at this beach where you can pose on a glass-bottom-terrace. This spot is made by glass so you will absolutely able to see through the ocean from above. The views are scary with how strong waves hit the cliffside. However, the photos it resulted are worth it. This spot is safe so you don’t have to worry about falling down the ocean while posing for your best photos. 

Banyu Tibo Beach

This is a magical beach waterfall you only get to see in Yogyakarta. Yes, you can actually see how waterfall gracefully landing on a side of the beach. The beautiful water falling down by the beach create surreal picture that only the Mother Nature can do. It takes almost three hours to reach this place from Jogja. However, it’s worth every sweat you drip throughout your trip. Even though this place is pretty hidden, it is one of the locals favorite spots. So if you want to avoid the crowds, time your visit by avoiding holiday season. 

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