Tips For Planning A Long-Term Travel

Be flexible with your itinerary

It is pretty easy to plan for a short trip. In fact, it is simple enough that you don’t really carry too much in your luggage. You can just pack a few clothes and other essentials that will last you for few days or weeks. However, it is very different when you plan for a long-term travel where you will be in new place for few moths for example. A long-term travel is more like moving out instead of a simple holiday. You need to plan it more thoroughly. And here are some useful tips for a long-term travel:

Plan your finance

Any kind of travel needs money and it is even more challenging if you plan for a long-term travel.travelling for a long period of time means you need to be prepared with your finance. You may want to stick with your budget otherwise you will be running out of money faster than you thought. Make a reasonable budget prior the trip and stick to it. Also, it is highly recommended that you prepare double the amount of the budget you calculated just in case you face an emergency during the trip. 

Be flexible with your itinerary

It is understandable that you want everything to be in your control. However, a long-term travel allows you to fully experience the trip. Hence, you don’t really need a a tight schedule filled your itinerary. You can make a rough plan of how you are going to spend your long-term trip. Try not to over-plan and keep your options open. It is best to stay longer in one place and fully enjoy everything it has rather than jumping from one place to another in short period of time. There is a sense of accomplishment when you try a slow-travel. 

Pack sensibly

Travelling for  long period of time doesn’t have to make you pack too many clothes. Just pack clothes that will last you for 10 days and you will be fine. Long-term travel allows you to settle longer in one place. Hence, you have more opportunity to wash your clothes. Packing too many clothes will only restrict your mobility. You won’t be able to move around as freely with heavy suitcase dragging you. 

See your doctor

It is important to make sure that your health is in good condition for a long-term travel. Even if you don’t have any particular health issue, you may still need to see your doctor for vaccinations. If you are taking medications on regular, let your doctor know about your travel plan so they can prescribe you sufficient amount of medications to last you the trip. 

Enjoy to the fullest

There are many things you can do to make the most of your long-term travel. You can write everything you want to do or accomplish just like how you make bucket list. You can plan on working or volunteering. Don’t forget to keep your workout regime and eat healthily so you stay in shape and healthy during a long-term trip.