Overcoming The Most Common Challenges of Group Travel

Overcoming The Most Common Challenges of Group Travel

Travelling by yourself is liberating because then you can go your own way without having to accommodate others. You can be as wild as you can decide everything by yourself. However, there are also great perks of old-fashioned group trip. You have the people to share the joy fun with throughout the trip. Togetherness will bering you closer than ever as well. Not to mention you can save your travel budget because you can split the cost evenly. 

How to overcome common challenges of group travel

Group travel also have various downsides that can make one or some people in the group feel left out or uncomfortable with the travel arrangement. No matter how get along you are with each other, you are still different individual with different preferences and characteristics. Hence, it is common to experience some turbulence within the group during travel. And here are some of the most common challenges of group travel and how to overcome them properly:

No consensus of the destination

It is pretty common for a group to have that more dominant person who like to decide almost everything. It often happen to a group travel as well where someone has more voice to decide destination while others agree with subtle unstated feeling and some grumbling along the way. This can cause discomfort and even tension so it should be prevented and managed properly. Thus, it’s better to ask all invited parties to brainstorm a location. Open discussion will lead to more informed decision that make everyone happy.

Personality clash

As mentioned earlier that your group consists of different individuals. Hence, there must be a clash of personalities sooner or later. Complaining, whining, small disagreement, or negative comments are sometimes cannot be avoided all the time. To overcome it, assign each member with a specific task so they have to provide recommendations depending on their task. The recommendations then being openly discussed to gain a final consensus. 

One of the member not respectful of the schedule

Sometimes there is someone in the group who is just not respectful of the schedule. They come late, stay longer at destination, keep lose track of time, etc. This kind of behavior can disrupt the harmony of the group. Hence, open a discussion with the group members and emphasize why timeline is important for the group trip. You can also build in a little more time for each stop or destination without knowing the group so no one will be too easily triggered to complain when one is not returning on time.

One member gets their wallet stolen and has no travel insurance

This is a kind of chaotic situation that not only affected the person but other members as well. In fact, the entire members may get affected emotionally and financially. Make preventive actions by encouraging every member to buy travel insurance prior the trip. Encourage them to have  a backup plan should they become a victim of theft. Also, encourage everyone to take creative precautionary measures.