Tips To Make Your In-Flight Travel More Comfortable

Tips To Make Your In-Flight Travel More Comfortable

There are many reasons why travelers choose travel by plane but the most common one is time-efficiency, especially if the destination is too far to reach by train or buses. However, taking a long-haul flight can put you in variety of discomforts as well. Sitting in limited space for long hours may put a strain to your body. Hence, make sure to be prepared if you are planning on taking long haul flight for your vacation, business trip, or visiting family. 

Handy travel tips to make your flight more comfortable

For some people, taking flight can be stressful because they have to deal with long line before boarding, the possibility of having noisy seatmate, or general nervous and jittery related to flight. It is important to make yourself relax and enjoy the flight for better experience. However, you may also consider these handy tips to make your in-flight ravel more comfortable:

Limit your alcohol intake

It is highly recommended to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages during your flight. Even long-time flight attendants often advice travelers to not take alcohol while flying. There are various problems that can happen due to alcohol intoxication that can affect yourself and other passengers in the cabin. If you want to drink alcohol to relax your mind, limit yourself and it’s better to accompany your drink with something to eat.

Download several podcasts

Handy travel tips to make your flight more comfortable

Taking a flight may put you in boredom so it’s great idea if you can download several podcasts to listen to later during the flight. You can find podcasts that fits to your liking. You can listen later when you feel like you need entertainment that is relaxing and comforting. Also, don’t forget to pack your headphones or earphone in your carry-on.

Bring your journal

Journaling during a flight can be fun too. You can write about anything and everything. For example, you might want to write about your trip and make memories through your authentic words and writing. You may also take notes to write about what you learn on your journey. Journaling can also help de-stress, making your mind more relax but stay focus. 

Hydrate and moisturize

Staying in a cabin for hours can dry out your skin. And with the cool temperature, it makes your skin dehydrate even more. Hence, don’t forget to apply moisturizer on your skin every few hours. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated from the inside too. That is why it is best to carry your own water bottle and refill it when needed. 


Sitting for few hours will cause some discomforts such as muscle cramps, back pain, or headache. Make sure to change position every 20 minutes. You also need to stretch from time to time to lose the tension in your body. Stretching is also good to maintain your blood circulation and release anxiety. You can stretch in your seat or move around cabin such standing for a moment (do it under 10 minutes to avoid discomfort to other passenger) or visiting the restroom. 

Your Guide to Choose the Best Beach Resort in Bali

Your Guide to Choose the Best Beach Resort in Bali

How can one choose when there are so many resorts to choose from in so many different areas in Bali? A tropical jungle resort in Ubud might be perfect for some, but others might enjoy a beach resort in Nusa Dua more. Knowing what you want and doing research before making a reservation are important steps, but even after making a reservation, doing some research can help you get ready for your vacation so you can make the most of the resort and know what to pack. It’s sometimes difficult to undo unfortunate disappointments that first appear to be a fantastic deal if you’ve already arrived somewhere far away.

Price Could Lie; It Is Not A Guide to Quality

Price isn’t everything. Consider a quality versus price ratio and base it on what is important to you. I would rather spend a little more to ensure a minimal level of comfort and cleanliness in the accommodation at the expense of unlimited drinks or free water sports, as these are not important to us. Of course, one has to respect a budget, but we have sometimes tried to skimp and then arrived only to be disappointed. We’ve even desperately tried to get an upgrade on site, but it was unavailable.

Always Check the Guest Reviews Before Booking

You can find real reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and Google from people who have stayed at various affordable luxury resorts. It is particularly helpful to read their insights and feedback when considering the overall experience for families. As you browse, you might even find some discounts and insider tips.

Look for Amenities and Attraction Featured at the Beach Resort

Look for Amenities and Attraction Featured at the Beach Resort

A resort that is all-inclusive provides a wide range of amenities. With the spacious beachfront rooms, top notch spa, extra attention to the comfort of the kids, and the vast oceanfront pool, this Nusa Dua beach hotel & spa Bali can be defined as luxury. 

The majority of resorts provide a range of activities. In some Bali resorts, you can find cultural activities such as cooking class or “Canang Sari” (flower offering) making. See if there are restaurants on-site, a variety of dining options, swimming pools, bars & lounges, a clubhouse, and spa services that you can enjoy during the stay. 

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Choose A Resort with Variety of Meals (and Resto!)

Choose A Resort with Variety of Meals (and Resto!)

It is better to select a resort with a variety of dining options rather than one with a single primary buffet restaurant. Many include themed restaurants or à la carte options, some of which may charge a modest fee or only accept a small number of reservations for no cost. You will value not eating the same thing often while you are there if you are staying for a week or two. Receiving service at the table is also wonderful, but don’t forget to bring some modest money because tips are always appreciated. If you do serve a buffet only, it is best to concentrate on a few items rather than “tasting a little bit of everything” and switch it up the next day.

Think about how big the hotel is. It’s not necessarily better to stay at a large resort than a small or mid-sized one. A more personal atmosphere with everything nearby and easily accessible will be sacrificed in favor of more amenities like restaurants and pools. We’ve stayed at huge resorts where getting to the restaurant and the beach the other direction took us 20 minutes each. Even though some large resorts have shuttles, our experience was diminished by them.

Bigger is Not Always Better

Think about how big the resort is. A mega beach resort in Nusa Dua might scream luxury, but the building could be a bit old. It’s not necessarily better to stay at a large resort than a small or mid-sized one. A more personal atmosphere with everything nearby and easily accessible will be sacrificed in favor of more amenities like restaurants and pools. A huge resorts might look more luxurious, but getting to the restaurant and the beach the other direction might take you 20 minutes each.

Should You Book Your Travel In 2022?

After the global pandemic hit two years ago, travel industry has been struggling to get back to normal. And though the situation has been progressively contained, there are many people who are still reluctant to leave their house. There have also been various changes to travel regulations that make some people lose interest because they’d rather stay at home than dealing with so many papers just for a trip. 

Booking your travel in 2022, is it better choice?

it is also more common for people now to become more conscious about their travel plan. Some travelers would rather make spontaneous travel rather than booking in advance because they worry about the unexpectedness just like how the covid-19 hit so suddenly ruining almost everyone’s travel plan. Many travel experts recommend not to book travel in 2022 with reasons as follow:

COVID regulations keep changing worldwide

Many international borders are already open now, welcoming back visitors and tourists alike for a visit. However, the protocols and requirements are still changing daily. Also, each country may have their own policies for a foreign travelers who want to enter their border. With so many changes and updates about the protocols regarding to COVID, it is more challenging for you to plan your trip, let alone booking your trip in advance. If you still have to plan a trip in 2022, then make sure to find information daily and stay updated with it for a seamless travel experience.

High possibility for paying more

It is likely that travel cost is getting higher now after the the global pandemic hit. Hotels and other tourist attractions start offering promotions based on age, occupation, state of residency, etc. Hence, it is more challenging to find the best deals for your travel plan. Planning your travel in 2022 will require you to spend more money for accommodation and transports. 

Miss out on price drops after booking

If you book your own travel in advance, there is possibility for you to miss out on price drops after booking. Throughout wave season, the prices can fluctuate. Yes, it is possible for you to get your trip rebooked your trip if you find the price drop. However, it can be done by travel agents only. 

Spending much time searching what and where to book

Booking your own travel in advance is good choice but not the most efficient if you are looking for a seamless travel experience. It may take long for you to find what and where to book your travel, how to get cheap tickets to a tourist attraction fast, or what details you should pay attention to when making choices. 

Consider using travel agent service

You can plan for seamless travel experience with the help of trusted travel agent. They know what to offer based on your needs and budget. They can even help you rebook your travel accordingly. And of course, they will notify you the updates or changes regarding to the protocols, regulations, and requirements needed for your trip. 

Before You Go for Your First Beginner Scuba Diving Holidays

Before You Go for Your First Beginner Scuba Diving Holidays

So, you are excited for your upcoming scuba diving vacation. For beginners, travelling for scuba diving holidays could be a bit overwhelming. After all you are going for one kind of vacation that you’ve never do before! So how should you prepare your first ever scuba diving trip? Well, here’s what you need to know and prepare before booking your dive trip. 

Be Aware of Your Abilities

How well are your swimming skills? How is your endurance? Swims and scuba dives both include similar motions despite their differences. Should any events arise, you’ll need to be able to get to the surface on your own.

You might choose to add workouts like swimming 200 meters and continually remaining afloat for 10 minutes in your scuba diving training. Yoga offers advantages as well. If you practice deep breathing, you’ll be able to regulate your body better while diving. Additionally, never dive while sick or injured as this could result in infections and respiratory issues.

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Shore Diving Tips for Your Vacation

Shore diving allows your brain to gradually acclimate to its underwater surroundings as you enter the water, preventing you from falling ill-prepared into the deep blue off the back of the boat. It’s perfect for hesitant people, as the water is just above your head when you first begin to dive. Shore diving is actually one of the best to do on scuba diving holidays for beginners!


Pack minimally if you’re going on a liveaboard diving holiday. Use a small soft-sided bag or SMALL backpack and load as little as possible. You won’t wear half of your items that you packed.

Going on Scuba Diving Liveaboard Holidays for Beginners

Before You Go for Your First Beginner Scuba Diving Holidays

Be aware that a yacht is a small space to live in – comfortable, clean, and safe, of course, but small – and a liveaboard diving vacation is an active vacation. Be prepared to go up and down ladders, haul ropes, and do the washing up. Bring anti-seasickness medication too, better to have it and not need than otherwise! 

Prepare Thoroughly Before You Go

Thorough preparation is required. Study the vacation operator and other information on scuba diving in general. Do all the paper works and requirements needed to dive in your destination. This allowed you to focus entirely on the diving procedure as you will have no evening schoolwork to complete. Only then, you will be able to unwind and truly enjoy the experience.

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Scuba Diving Holidays Destination for Beginners to Try

Get Familiar with the Gears

You will learn the ins and outs of diving fins, wetsuits, air tanks, masks, and breathing equipment while receiving scuba diving instruction. Learn how to inspect the kit as a whole; having malfunctioning scuba diving gear could ruin your trip.

Think of your buoyancy control device, which varies depending on the manufacturer in terms of its valves and inflators. Fill it up and practice breathing through the regulator on land as you watch the pressure gauge needle move. You will learn what to watch out for from your diving instructor.

Put your head underwater while wearing a diving mask that you have purchased or rented. It is prepared to go into action if the face seal doesn’t leak. Likewise, try multiple times to secure the fins on your feet until you feel confident doing so. Choose your clothing wisely as well; wetsuits are best for warm water, while drysuits, which are warmed and have waterproof seals, can tolerate lower temperatures.

Overcoming The Most Common Challenges of Group Travel

Overcoming The Most Common Challenges of Group Travel

Travelling by yourself is liberating because then you can go your own way without having to accommodate others. You can be as wild as you can decide everything by yourself. However, there are also great perks of old-fashioned group trip. You have the people to share the joy fun with throughout the trip. Togetherness will bering you closer than ever as well. Not to mention you can save your travel budget because you can split the cost evenly. 

How to overcome common challenges of group travel

Group travel also have various downsides that can make one or some people in the group feel left out or uncomfortable with the travel arrangement. No matter how get along you are with each other, you are still different individual with different preferences and characteristics. Hence, it is common to experience some turbulence within the group during travel. And here are some of the most common challenges of group travel and how to overcome them properly:

No consensus of the destination

It is pretty common for a group to have that more dominant person who like to decide almost everything. It often happen to a group travel as well where someone has more voice to decide destination while others agree with subtle unstated feeling and some grumbling along the way. This can cause discomfort and even tension so it should be prevented and managed properly. Thus, it’s better to ask all invited parties to brainstorm a location. Open discussion will lead to more informed decision that make everyone happy.

Personality clash

As mentioned earlier that your group consists of different individuals. Hence, there must be a clash of personalities sooner or later. Complaining, whining, small disagreement, or negative comments are sometimes cannot be avoided all the time. To overcome it, assign each member with a specific task so they have to provide recommendations depending on their task. The recommendations then being openly discussed to gain a final consensus. 

One of the member not respectful of the schedule

Sometimes there is someone in the group who is just not respectful of the schedule. They come late, stay longer at destination, keep lose track of time, etc. This kind of behavior can disrupt the harmony of the group. Hence, open a discussion with the group members and emphasize why timeline is important for the group trip. You can also build in a little more time for each stop or destination without knowing the group so no one will be too easily triggered to complain when one is not returning on time.

One member gets their wallet stolen and has no travel insurance

This is a kind of chaotic situation that not only affected the person but other members as well. In fact, the entire members may get affected emotionally and financially. Make preventive actions by encouraging every member to buy travel insurance prior the trip. Encourage them to have  a backup plan should they become a victim of theft. Also, encourage everyone to take creative precautionary measures. 

Looking for Hotels for G20 Summit in Indonesia? Here’s the Tips 

Looking for Hotels for G20 Summit in Indonesia? Here’s the Tips

Indonesia will have the opportunity to host a G20 meeting in November 2022. This important event, which will take place in Nusa Dua, Bali, will be attended by 19 countries and one economic area, the European Union. At the G20 Summit, Indonesia asks the world to work together to recover from the pandemic and establish a more sustainable world under the theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger.” Eight hotels in the elite ITDC Nusa Dua resort complex were appointed as official host for the conference. However, you might still need to come to the Nusa Dua Bali even though you are not government official. Say, you probably a journalist or part of organisation that support your government. You probably won’t stay at the official appointed resort, but the Nusa Dua is not short on CHSE resorts that are just as opulent and comfortable! Here’s the guide to grab a good deal hotel near G20 event for your team. 

Booking Hotels and Resort for Your Company

Booking a hotel is a big part of the planning process. Because this G20 will be held in Bali, you might as well aim for beachfront hotel near G20 site. You may be dreading the thought of securing a hotel room block for the event, especially when you are travelling with half or even your whole team. You might need to block several rooms or book the conference room in advance. Getting a good deal doesn’t have to involve hours of research or tense negotiations. It all comes down to knowing what you want, asking the right questions, and knowing what to look for in a contract.

Start Your Search on Resorts at Nusa Dua

Start Your Search on Resorts at Nusa Dua

You’ll have more possibilities if you start looking and booking early. Consider meeting room size, parking options, and transportation expenses while narrowing down hotel options. Look up to online travel agents to see details on each hotels. This way, you can compare hotels in Nusa Dua beach and see which one suite your needs. 

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Make Provisions for the Appropriate Number of Rooms

Focus on selecting the amount of rooms you wish to reserve once you have your dates and a shortlist of hotel possibilities. Many individuals underestimate the number of rooms they’ll need while arranging an event. Remember that getting everyone in one place at the same time is difficult. Flights are disrupted, people become ill, and so on.

Look for Best Rates The Hotel Offers Online

Before calling the hotels on your list, do some web research to see what their best rates are. Call the hotels and ask for a group sales manager once you get their rates. Call the local number, not the national reservations number, if the hotel is part of a national chain. Inquire with the group sales manager about the best rate he or she can provide. If it’s more expensive than the site rate, see if you can negotiate a lower price. Ask whether they have a comp programme where they provide a free room if a specific number of rooms are secured, assuming they can quote a price that surpasses web alternatives.

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Discuss Whether Holding On-Site Events Can Give You Room Discount

Consider holding some events at the hotel, such as a group meal or happy hour, if your event allows it. When it comes to reserving hotels, the whole cost is a key factor. The more you can accomplish while staying at the hotel, the more money you’ll save. Adding on-site activities will alter the hotel’s perception of you as a customer. The more money you spend and the more hotel services you use, the more VIP you become.

How To Be More Water Conscious When Travelling

How To Be More Water Conscious When Travelling

There are places around the world with no access to running water. Water conversation has always been an important topic. It is important to be more water conscious in our everyday lives. It is also encouraged to use water not more than what you need. The problem is, many people often argue that every individual may have different needs of water. While it is true to some extent, the point of being more water conscious is how you can contribute to conserve water as individual and how it can great affect the efforts that the community has been doing. 

Can you be more water conscious even when travelling?

When you are aware of best practices to conserve water, you will have no problem practicing them anywhere you go. When travelling, you can do your best to help conserve water through simple practices, such as:

Shower less often

It is understandable that you feel like shower more often when travel because you tend to be more active, doing many outdoor activities. However, consider shower less instead and see how impactful it could be. Keep in mind that there are no ultimate rules saying you should shower daily. In fact. Most healthcare professionals recommended showering every other day or every third day. Try avoid excessive cleaning because the natural oils your body produce also function to protect your skin. By practicing good hygiene, you can go a  day without shower and still feel fresh.

Simplify your sanitizing practices

Simplify your sanitizing practices

Sanitizing is important because you don’t want to be a good target for germ, virus, and bacteria to infect. However, you can still have good hygiene practices without overdoing it. With simplified version, you can still have the optimum protection. Consider eco-friendly hygiene practices even during your trip. You don’t have to keep everything sterile at all time. Wash your hands after using bathroom, after grocery shopping, and before a meal. Avoid overcleaning because it can cause other problems such as dry skin and weakened immune system. Hence, it is recommended to simplify your sanitizing rituals not only for the sake of your body but also for the planet. 

Reuse towels

Consider reusing towel after each use so you just have to let it dry before use it again. Drying it out help prevents the growth of bacteria and germs. It also allows you to use the towel longer without washing it again and again. Carry your own towels if you unsure about the one provided by the hotels and use them multiple times before washing them again to help conserve water. 

Reduce your indirect water footprint

There are many habis that you sometimes have not realized when it comes to water use such as leaving the tap on after use, taking long shower unnecessarily, etc. Start building habits that help conserve water by reducing your indirect water footprint such as skipping room cleanings, washing laundry on cold, shopping for local produces, reducing meat consumption, cutting down on sugar, etc. These are considered simple habits but not as easy to practice.

Important Things To Check Before You Book Luxury Villas in Bali

Important Things To Check Before You Book Luxury Villas in Bali

When you plan to have a nice, luxurious escape in Bali, you might as well want to stay at some of the most luxurious vacation rental in the island. Bali is not short on luxurious accommodation—dotting popular beaches like Seminyak and Canggu, perched in quiet cliff in Jimbaran, or hidden amongst Ubud’s lush tropical jungle, you can almost find splendid villas anywhere, in any style. However, booking luxury villas in Bali could be a very different experience than renting a traditional hotel room. It requires a little more preparation and thought, but it’s well worth it. The amenities of luxury villas are designed for your exclusive enjoyment. Quality villas also contain a superb crew that will be able to assist you with every detail of your stay, making for a truly unique experience.

This is why choosing the right luxury villa for your vacation can be quite challenging. Check out these 5 things to consider before renting a luxury villa if you want to make sure you’re making the best decision possible.

Is Everything in This Luxury Villa True to What It Says?

Everyone can market their vacation rental however they like. While searching the internet, you may come across a very luxurious beachfront Bali villas with everything you desire, but they may appear to be too good to be true. Don’t be alarmed; these villas are real. But before renting a luxury villa, it’s critical to understand how realistic the photographs and descriptions of the villas are.

Because some villa owners in Bali are more hesitant to share images than others, you may not find much information on some villa rentals. However, there should be a sufficient number of images and a detailed description to peruse. Avoid any listing that is missing information with this in mind.

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What Do The Luxury Bali Villas Have to Offer? 

Is Everything in This Luxury Villa True to What It Says?

Many luxury villa rentals can provide levels of exclusivity that exceed those found in resorts and hotels. Designer furnishings, high-tech entertainment, well-equipped kitchens, and a villa staff dedicated solely to your comfort are all included.

As a result, it’s critical to understand what’s included in the rental and to ensure that all of your requirements are met. A true luxury vacation rental knows how to esnure that the property is of the highest quality. They go even farther to provide you with tailored luxurious travel experiences, providing guests with complete, private, and secure access to rooms in remarkable locations.

List the Extras You Can Get from the Luxury Villa

Staying in a luxurious villa means you should be getting more than what you usually get in a regular villa rental in Bali. Check out your options; does the villa have any extra services that can make your holiday even more special? 

A true luxury villa in Bali can go above and beyond to provide the best experience for its guests. For example, they can make your private engagement party in the villa more special with a private chef to prepare meals, while the staff can assist you plan the perfect occasion. See if the luxury villa could assist in the planning of a one-of-a-kind experience.

Check Out the Review

Exploring the evaluations published by individuals who have experienced the villa firsthand is one of the best resources when picking a luxury villa. Reading firsthand accounts from other guests who have stayed at a particular villa can provide a lot of information and a thorough rundown of everything you need to know from the perspective of a guest.

Reviews are a terrific way to break through all of the advertising and obtain an unbiased judgment on the positive and negative aspects of all kind of luxury villas in Bali. Genuine reviews can be found on Flipkey and TripAdvisor, two popular websites.

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Talk with the Customer Service

Any villa’s or representative’s customer service is crucial to ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable stay. It’s a good idea to check at the customer service offered by a villa before making a decision. How accessible is the staff? Do they react to all queries and issues promptly and thoroughly? Are they competent and helpful? These are all vital inquiries.

Make touch with the customer care department before making final reservations to create a rapport and ensure you are satisfied with the quality of their service.

Most Gorgeous Black Sand Beaches Around The World

Beach vacations are one of the best types of getaways most people love regardless of ages. There is that type of serenity when it comes to beach vacation especially when you visit the one that is a little more secluded instead of popular beaches. Also, beaches have their own unique points from color to features they tied to. For example, there are beaches that have various colors such as white, pink, and even black. 

Visit these gorgeous black beaches for your next getaway

the black color of sand beaches is often caused by volcanic rocks. Beaches located near active volcano has potential to have their sand in black color. And it just adds to the beauty of the nature it presents. Aside from taking album-worthy pictures, there are so many activities to do at black sand beaches just like you do at other type of beaches. And here are the most gorgeous black sand beaches worth visiting for:

Playa Jardin, Canary Island

Playa Jardin Canary Island
Image source: Pinterest

Playa Jardin is located in northern Tenerife, on Canary Island. This wonderland is loved by many visitors due to its inky feature. Don’t forget to also visit Verdant gardens that were designed beautifully with variety of blooms while you also enjoy the coal-black sand. Most come here to also surf since the waves are optimal for boogie boarding and surfing. This is a relatively safe destination since it is also guarded by professional lifeguards. It is also family-friendly since playground for kids are available as well. 

Kamari Beach, Greece

Kamari Beach Greece
Image source: Tripadvisor

Kamari beach offers such a picturesque spot with its black sand. It is said to be one of the largest black sand beaches on the volcano isle in Greece. From this beach, you will get to see stunning view of the towering Mesa Vouno. You can enjoy your time comfortably because there are umbrellas and lounge chairs available on the beach. This is also a perfect place for you to try various water sports. Next to the beach is restaurant, cafe, shop, and rental company. Come visit during summer if you want to enjoy cal, azure water more. 

Lovina Beach, Bali

Lovina Beach, Bali
Image source: Pinterest

Bali is one of the top list of almost everyone’s bucket list. There are many types of natural beauty here and one of the is Lovina Beach that has ebony strand. The coast runs along 12 kilo meter stretch of volcanic sand. This is relatively calmer spot in bali compared to other beaches such as Kuta or Jimbaran Bay. Lovina Beach has smaller waves and is kids-friendly. Aside from snorkelling, dolphin watching is the reason why people come to this inky beach. 

Karekare Beach, New Zealand

Karekare Beach, New Zealand
Image source: Reddit

This stunning jet-black sand beach is located 35 kilo meters southwest of Auckland. This rugged beauty is also close to a waterfall since it is located in Karekare Regional Park. With epic waves, this is such a perfect spot for surfers. It is highly suggested to wear shoes when strolling around the strand since the black sand retains heat which may make it hot during summer.

Best Staying Experience Tips at Bali Beach Resort for Non-Resort Person

Best Staying Experience Tips at Bali Beach Resort for Non-Resort Person

So, you’re not actually a resort person but you love the convenience that come with a resort. Maybe you were ‘dragged’ by your spouse or family to spend a holiday in Bali in a resort. To be fair, resorts in tropical locations like Bali entice the traveling public with some incredibly low-cost vacation packages, many of which are simply too good to pass up. It’s not that you hate it, but you are more of an independent traveler who dislikes being caged up in a little space with a bunch of strangers with nothing to do but stare at the water. If you are a more adventurous type, a beach resort in Nusa Dua Bali might sounds boring—despite of its facility.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a resort experience at all. Here are some tips for surviving a resort environment while still taking advantage of beach resort’s vacation deals.

Choose the Right Beach Resort in Nusa Dua Bali

To choose the right resort, you’ll need to do some homework and perform some research. Not only would the perfect location be close to the airport, but it would also allow you to depart the property safely. Find one that has a nice balance of on-site and local activities that interest you. Just like this Nusa Dua beach hotel & spa Bali that’s conveniently tucked just 15 minutes drive from the airport and close to the town.

If the resort is located in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest populous region 45 minutes away, you’ll likely feel like a prisoner rather than a traveler. Remember that a west-facing site will provide you with stunning sunsets.

Explore the Whole Nusa Dua Beach Resort to Try New Things

Explore the Whole Nusa Dua Beach Resort to Try New Things

This is your vacation, so do anything you want with it. And if you discover a favorite reclining location by the pool or a favorite breakfast restaurant with the best made-to-order omelets right away, put it on repeat every day until it’s time to leave. Similarly, if you’ve visited Mexico before and want to spend your time relaxing on the beach, there’s no need to schedule a number of off-site excursions to local cenotes, archaeological ruins, or snorkeling spots.

If you’re visiting a new holiday area, you’ll want to check out all the resort and its environs have to offer. That involves looking for the best places to read your book (a hammock, a lounge chair, or a beach bed!) or reserving a table at one of the many a la carte restaurants (typically upon arrival with the concierge or restaurant staff, to avoid missing out).

Consider stopping by the resort’s tour desk to sign up for off-property excursions to learn about the local culture or enjoy a variety of activities, such as a banana boating, parasailing, or participating in turtle conservatory program!

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Chill Around the Resort—and Be Flexible with That

Everyone desires and requires relaxation. It is, after all, a holiday. Making the most of your free time necessitates a degree of adaptability on your part. When you initially arrive at the Nusa dua beach resort, get a feel for the area. Determine when the beach or pool areas are the busiest and schedule your visit appropriately.

Maybe you can grab a book and park it on an empty lounge chair while everyone else is eating lunch. When the crowds start to get to you, take a leisurely stroll across the warm, foaming waves on the white sand.

Are all the lounge chairs taken? Head to the spa and enjoy a relaxing Nusa Dua spa experience or join a yoga class.

Interact with the Locals

The majority of independent travelers want to learn as much as they can about the locations they visit. They look for ways to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and character of their travels. That style should not be stifled by an island resort.

Interact with some of the locals that work at the resort as well as those you meet off-site. Inquire as to where they go and what they enjoy doing.

Most will jump at the chance to tell you stories and educate you on anything from island folklore to hotspots for nightlife — or, more crucially, what to avoid.

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Leave the Resort for Some Adventures

Bali is a stunningly gorgeous island. While many resorts occupy great real estate in the most desirable places, there are still private, hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Rent a car, even if only for a day, if you can afford it, to drive around aimlessly and uncover your own little patch of paradise.

It’s usually a good idea to explore more of the place you’re visiting while you’re there for a relaxed beach vacation. View the destination’s natural surroundings or adjacent cities. All-inclusive resorts are massive man-made complexes that rarely reflect the culture of the nation you’re visiting. You’ll learn something new, connect more with the locals, and contribute to the local economy by leaving the resort.