Why Prebiotic Skincare is Worth the Hype

Why Prebiotic Skincare is Worth the Hype

Are you a staunch believer in a daily yogurt to keep gastrointestinal issues at bay? You’ll be pleased to learn that the skin care industry is being revolutionized by the same microbe-friendly mindset. A number of independent skin care lines that focus solely on nourishing the skin microbiota have emerged in recent years. Enter prebiotic for face skincare, which quickly hit the hype among beauty enthusiasts during these past few months. But is it actually worth the hype—or is it just an empty marketing jargon?

Prebiotic Skincare is A Huge Supporter of Your Skin Microbiome

Let’s start with a refresher on your microbiome: It’s a “world” of diverse microbes that coexist with us in our bodies. Each part of your body has its own microbiome, which is made up largely of beneficial viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Your skin’s microbiome regulates inflammation and acts as a barrier against pathogens, making it the largest organ in your body. Bacteria can aid in the promotion of skin health by preventing infections from becoming more serious. Chronic inflammation, stress, changes in the pH levels of the skin, and your diet, among other things, can cause a microbial imbalance. Infections or skin diseases such as acne, eczema, and rosacea can occur when the ecology becomes unbalanced.

This is when microbiome skin care enters the picture. According to new research, skincare products containing prebiotics can help restore the balance of healthy microbes. A healthy microbiota can help prevent eczema, acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and skin cancer caused by UV exposure.

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How Prebiotic Can Help Your Face

How Prebiotic Can Help Your Face

The skin can benefit from prebiotics. These are non-living compounds that help to maintain a healthy balance of both good and bad bacteria on your skin and throughout your body. Prebiotics are plant-based carbohydrates that serve as fuel for the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria. They can’t be digested by humans, but when consumed or applied to the skin, they have the ability to transform or preserve the healthy microbiome found in the gut or on the skin.

The phrase “prebiotic ingredient” is used in the cosmetics industry to refer to compounds that benefit beneficial bacteria or are created by microorganisms. Several food ingredients, such as yogurt powder, alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, inulin, lactic acid, and lactobacillus ferment, are also cosmetic elements frequently connected with probiotic or prebiotic products, demonstrating that they are beneficial to both gut and skin microorganisms.

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What is Prebiotic in Skincare

Prebiotics are non-digestible food additives that benefit the host by fostering particular gut flora. They were first coined in 1995. Prebiotics were found to be beneficial.

Then it was just referred to as “food for good microorganisms.” Resistant starch, pectin, beta-glucans, xylooligosaccharides (XOS) polymers such as fructans (fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin), galactans (galactooligosaccharides (GOS)), and carbohydrates produced from fibre were among the first dietary prebiotics. Now, scientists have found how to stabilise these ingredients and incorporate it on skincare formulation. Therefore, they can help managing healthy microbiota balance on the skin as well. 

Both probiotics and prebiotics can aid in the maintenance of a healthy complexion and the treatment of existing skin issues. Give them a shot by incorporating them into your daily skincare routine as well as your diet. Look for prebiotic ingredients like inulin in your skincare products. Prebiotic inulin not only moisturizes and smooths dry, sensitive skin, but also feeds your skin’s natural bacteria, ensuring that it is in perfect balance!

Now, would you try prebiotic-enriched skincare for the health of your skin?

Why Digital Nomads Choose To Stay in Ubud Villas?

Ubud is located in the highlands of Bali where the rice fields and terracings are beautifully lying. Moreover, Ubud is rich in medicinal plants and herbs. Since a long time the area is indeed so famous for its relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. For many people Ubud is a spiritual medication. The word Ubud itself actually came from balinese word for medicine “Ubad”. One of the must-do activities in Ubud is definitely yoga whereas the open air is fresh and the view is admirable. Apart from that, the extremely friendly local communities and their fascinating culture will also make the digital nomads like you feel at ease. As for the accommodation, Ubud offers various options. It depends on the way and where one lives. But why are digital nomads prefer to stay in Ubud villas?

Ubud Villas

Living in Ubud villas cost reasonably

Living in a private villa surrounded by nature and super comfortable co-working culture is not a luxurious thing to have. The budget you need to rent a villa in Ubud ranges from 2 million rupiahs (US $143) per month to the bottomless price. It always depends on the kind of Ubud villas you pick. Another thing that will also save you from spending a lot of money while staying in the villa is the affordable rented bike which then allow you to mobile easily around the area. Most importantly, there is no reason to worry about finding cheap and healthy food in Ubud.

Supportive environment to work digitally

Digital nomads are people who work remotely by using telecommunication technologies. So, good internet access is a very crucial thing to have. Even though Ubud is located away from the crowd, it doesn’t mean that it lacks of the broadband access. In fact, most of Ubud villas are facilitated with either wi-fi or LAN cable. As for your mobile phone, you can purchase a SIM card with 11GB of data for 80 thousand rupiahs (US $6). Besides, there are plenty of co-working spaces in Ubud where you can easily meet other nomads and make connections with them in the chilled vibes.

Everything is just granted perfectly

Regardless of which field you are working in, staying in villa Ubud Bali will keep you away from stress. As a result of the mixture population of locals and foreigners, every day that you spend in Ubud villas as a digital nomad will only be filled with ideas and creativity. There, you will see no difficulties in meeting nice and cool people to exchange inspirational stories.

Tattoo Artist Bali Recommendation for Least Painful Places to Get Inked

It’s a summer holiday in Bali and you can’t help to notice various tattoo parlours dotting the main streets. From the Poppy Lane of Legian to the breezy Berawa of Canggu, tattoo studios are crowded with adventurers waiting to get their skin inked. It’s natural for vacationers to get a tattoo in Bali and it’s totally normal if you want one, too. Especially when you’ve spent enough time noticing cool tattoo design flashing on people’s skin. Even when you have zero experience with tattoo before! The pain of tattoo, however, might weigh you down. If this will be your firsts experience on tattoo, take notice to the advice from tattoo artist Bali on recommended, least-painful places to get a tattoo. 

Before we get further, remember this simple rules. The more fat and muscle you have underneath the skin, the less painful it is. 

Place Recommendation from Tattoo Artist Bali for Least Painful Tattoo

The Bicep

It’s easy to see and looks fantastic for a tattoo. Many tattoo artist Bali recommend the bicep to have a tattoo for first timers. Biceps have a good amount of muscles underneath the skin, resulting in way less painful tattoo experience. The width of the area also great to display big and elaborate tattoo. 

The Shoulders

Another popular tattoo placement: the shoulder. It’s padded with muscles and not crowded with nerve endings. Also, the skin on outer shoulders tends to be thicker than the other places, so the scratch of tattoo needles won’t hurt as much. That means even the non-experienced could an almost enjoyable time during the tattoo process.

The Calves

If you are totally nervous about the pain, consider to have it on the calves. Just like the biceps, the calves provides wide area for easier tattooing and a lot of fat and muscles as cushiony pad. It’s also far from the bones, making inking way less painful. 

Thinking That Bali Tattoo Prices is Expensive? This is Why

The Thigh

Another paddy area of the body to have the least painful tattoos: the thigh! Both the upper and other part of the thigh is rich with good layers of fats and few nerve endings. Also, tattoo looks super stunning in thigh! Whether it’s big blobs of wild roses, neat biblical quotes, or cute small astrological signs, tattoo looks stunning on one’s thigh. It’s also easy to cover if you have some tattoo restriction at professional workplace. If you ask any tattoo artist Bali about parts of the body to have almost painless tattoo experience, thigh would be the answer. 

The Gluteus

If you’re looking for the most pillowy part of the body, look no other than the gluteus a.k.a the bottom a.k.a the buttocks. It’s cushiony, it’s paddy, it’s full of fat and meat. And most importantly, it’s the only part of the body with almost no bones around!