Best Staying Experience Tips at Bali Beach Resort for Non-Resort Person

Best Staying Experience Tips at Bali Beach Resort for Non-Resort Person

So, you’re not actually a resort person but you love the convenience that come with a resort. Maybe you were ‘dragged’ by your spouse or family to spend a holiday in Bali in a resort. To be fair, resorts in tropical locations like Bali entice the traveling public with some incredibly low-cost vacation packages, many of which are simply too good to pass up. It’s not that you hate it, but you are more of an independent traveler who dislikes being caged up in a little space with a bunch of strangers with nothing to do but stare at the water. If you are a more adventurous type, a beach resort in Nusa Dua Bali might sounds boring—despite of its facility.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a resort experience at all. Here are some tips for surviving a resort environment while still taking advantage of beach resort’s vacation deals.

Choose the Right Beach Resort in Nusa Dua Bali

To choose the right resort, you’ll need to do some homework and perform some research. Not only would the perfect location be close to the airport, but it would also allow you to depart the property safely. Find one that has a nice balance of on-site and local activities that interest you. Just like this Nusa Dua beach hotel & spa Bali that’s conveniently tucked just 15 minutes drive from the airport and close to the town.

If the resort is located in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest populous region 45 minutes away, you’ll likely feel like a prisoner rather than a traveler. Remember that a west-facing site will provide you with stunning sunsets.

Explore the Whole Nusa Dua Beach Resort to Try New Things

Explore the Whole Nusa Dua Beach Resort to Try New Things

This is your vacation, so do anything you want with it. And if you discover a favorite reclining location by the pool or a favorite breakfast restaurant with the best made-to-order omelets right away, put it on repeat every day until it’s time to leave. Similarly, if you’ve visited Mexico before and want to spend your time relaxing on the beach, there’s no need to schedule a number of off-site excursions to local cenotes, archaeological ruins, or snorkeling spots.

If you’re visiting a new holiday area, you’ll want to check out all the resort and its environs have to offer. That involves looking for the best places to read your book (a hammock, a lounge chair, or a beach bed!) or reserving a table at one of the many a la carte restaurants (typically upon arrival with the concierge or restaurant staff, to avoid missing out).

Consider stopping by the resort’s tour desk to sign up for off-property excursions to learn about the local culture or enjoy a variety of activities, such as a banana boating, parasailing, or participating in turtle conservatory program!

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Chill Around the Resort—and Be Flexible with That

Everyone desires and requires relaxation. It is, after all, a holiday. Making the most of your free time necessitates a degree of adaptability on your part. When you initially arrive at the Nusa dua beach resort, get a feel for the area. Determine when the beach or pool areas are the busiest and schedule your visit appropriately.

Maybe you can grab a book and park it on an empty lounge chair while everyone else is eating lunch. When the crowds start to get to you, take a leisurely stroll across the warm, foaming waves on the white sand.

Are all the lounge chairs taken? Head to the spa and enjoy a relaxing Nusa Dua spa experience or join a yoga class.

Interact with the Locals

The majority of independent travelers want to learn as much as they can about the locations they visit. They look for ways to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and character of their travels. That style should not be stifled by an island resort.

Interact with some of the locals that work at the resort as well as those you meet off-site. Inquire as to where they go and what they enjoy doing.

Most will jump at the chance to tell you stories and educate you on anything from island folklore to hotspots for nightlife — or, more crucially, what to avoid.

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Leave the Resort for Some Adventures

Bali is a stunningly gorgeous island. While many resorts occupy great real estate in the most desirable places, there are still private, hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Rent a car, even if only for a day, if you can afford it, to drive around aimlessly and uncover your own little patch of paradise.

It’s usually a good idea to explore more of the place you’re visiting while you’re there for a relaxed beach vacation. View the destination’s natural surroundings or adjacent cities. All-inclusive resorts are massive man-made complexes that rarely reflect the culture of the nation you’re visiting. You’ll learn something new, connect more with the locals, and contribute to the local economy by leaving the resort.