Most Gorgeous Black Sand Beaches Around The World


Beach vacations are one of the best types of getaways most people love regardless of ages. There is that type of serenity when it comes to beach vacation especially when you visit the one that is a little more secluded instead of popular beaches. Also, beaches have their own unique points from color to features they tied to. For example, there are beaches that have various colors such as white, pink, and even black. 

Visit these gorgeous black beaches for your next getaway

the black color of sand beaches is often caused by volcanic rocks. Beaches located near active volcano has potential to have their sand in black color. And it just adds to the beauty of the nature it presents. Aside from taking album-worthy pictures, there are so many activities to do at black sand beaches just like you do at other type of beaches. And here are the most gorgeous black sand beaches worth visiting for:

Playa Jardin, Canary Island

Playa Jardin Canary Island
Image source: Pinterest

Playa Jardin is located in northern Tenerife, on Canary Island. This wonderland is loved by many visitors due to its inky feature. Don’t forget to also visit Verdant gardens that were designed beautifully with variety of blooms while you also enjoy the coal-black sand. Most come here to also surf since the waves are optimal for boogie boarding and surfing. This is a relatively safe destination since it is also guarded by professional lifeguards. It is also family-friendly since playground for kids are available as well. 

Kamari Beach, Greece

Kamari Beach Greece
Image source: Tripadvisor

Kamari beach offers such a picturesque spot with its black sand. It is said to be one of the largest black sand beaches on the volcano isle in Greece. From this beach, you will get to see stunning view of the towering Mesa Vouno. You can enjoy your time comfortably because there are umbrellas and lounge chairs available on the beach. This is also a perfect place for you to try various water sports. Next to the beach is restaurant, cafe, shop, and rental company. Come visit during summer if you want to enjoy cal, azure water more. 

Lovina Beach, Bali

Lovina Beach, Bali
Image source: Pinterest

Bali is one of the top list of almost everyone’s bucket list. There are many types of natural beauty here and one of the is Lovina Beach that has ebony strand. The coast runs along 12 kilo meter stretch of volcanic sand. This is relatively calmer spot in bali compared to other beaches such as Kuta or Jimbaran Bay. Lovina Beach has smaller waves and is kids-friendly. Aside from snorkelling, dolphin watching is the reason why people come to this inky beach. 

Karekare Beach, New Zealand

Karekare Beach, New Zealand
Image source: Reddit

This stunning jet-black sand beach is located 35 kilo meters southwest of Auckland. This rugged beauty is also close to a waterfall since it is located in Karekare Regional Park. With epic waves, this is such a perfect spot for surfers. It is highly suggested to wear shoes when strolling around the strand since the black sand retains heat which may make it hot during summer.