What To Do To Have A Healthy Cruise Trip

What To Do To Have A Healthy Cruise

A cruise is one of the most popular way people choose to enjoy their holiday. Cruising through various destinations brings its own unique experience because you spend most of your time in the middle of the ocean on a massive cruise ship along with other people. Surrounded by the sea and provided with lavish buffets throughout the journey, it is kind of difficult to control yourself from making the most of your time by eating everything you want. It is common that people gain weight after a cruise especially if it takes weeks to finish. 

Keep your health in check during a cruise

Many cruisers practice all-or-nothing attitude during a cruise, allowing them to take everything they want to eat without a care. It is true that during a vacation, you should be able to relax and eat what you want. But you also should make time to exercise that you enjoy. The key to stay in control and healthy during a cruise it to practice mindful eating where you savor every bite and avoid multitask. It helps you to be more conscious of what you eat and stay mindful of your fullness. 

Scan the foods first

It doesn’t mean you need to bring certain tools to scan the foods. Scanning the foods here aims to help you choose which items that pique your interest the most. Choose something unfamiliar instead of french fries or burger. Try more creative options to enjoy especially cruise ships often provide meals crafted from local produce from the destinations. As for the buffet option, navigate yourself to eat more healthily. Try to eat when you are not hungry because it will make you ravenous to eat when you feel starved. 

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Opt for healthier options

Eat healthier options

Today, most cruise ships provide healthier, more nutritious items on their menu. Hence, it is not really a problem to eat healthily during a cruise. If you are not sure about some of the items on the menu, read the descriptions first. Grilled, sauteed, and pan-fried foods are safe games since they are not too soaked in oil or butter. If you have particular dietary concern especially regarding to your health condition, make sure to notify the staffs in before you board. 

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Freestyle your options

Even if the menu cards states that you can only choose on item for each course, you can actually freestyle it. For example, you can skip the appetizer and straight to the main course. Or that you want to pass on dessert. Cruise lines are more flexible nowadays so you can still make reasonable request. 

Stay active 

Even when you are in the middle of the ocean, it should not stop you from keeping yourself healthy. Stay active by walking a few laps around the ship, or join fitness programs provided by the cruise lines from bootcamps to pilates. Choose exercise that you love to do to get your heart rate going. You can always be creative in choosing other alternatives f