How To Be More Water Conscious When Travelling

How To Be More Water Conscious When Travelling

There are places around the world with no access to running water. Water conversation has always been an important topic. It is important to be more water conscious in our everyday lives. It is also encouraged to use water not more than what you need. The problem is, many people often argue that every individual may have different needs of water. While it is true to some extent, the point of being more water conscious is how you can contribute to conserve water as individual and how it can great affect the efforts that the community has been doing. 

Can you be more water conscious even when travelling?

When you are aware of best practices to conserve water, you will have no problem practicing them anywhere you go. When travelling, you can do your best to help conserve water through simple practices, such as:

Shower less often

It is understandable that you feel like shower more often when travel because you tend to be more active, doing many outdoor activities. However, consider shower less instead and see how impactful it could be. Keep in mind that there are no ultimate rules saying you should shower daily. In fact. Most healthcare professionals recommended showering every other day or every third day. Try avoid excessive cleaning because the natural oils your body produce also function to protect your skin. By practicing good hygiene, you can go a  day without shower and still feel fresh.

Simplify your sanitizing practices

Simplify your sanitizing practices

Sanitizing is important because you don’t want to be a good target for germ, virus, and bacteria to infect. However, you can still have good hygiene practices without overdoing it. With simplified version, you can still have the optimum protection. Consider eco-friendly hygiene practices even during your trip. You don’t have to keep everything sterile at all time. Wash your hands after using bathroom, after grocery shopping, and before a meal. Avoid overcleaning because it can cause other problems such as dry skin and weakened immune system. Hence, it is recommended to simplify your sanitizing rituals not only for the sake of your body but also for the planet. 

Reuse towels

Consider reusing towel after each use so you just have to let it dry before use it again. Drying it out help prevents the growth of bacteria and germs. It also allows you to use the towel longer without washing it again and again. Carry your own towels if you unsure about the one provided by the hotels and use them multiple times before washing them again to help conserve water. 

Reduce your indirect water footprint

There are many habis that you sometimes have not realized when it comes to water use such as leaving the tap on after use, taking long shower unnecessarily, etc. Start building habits that help conserve water by reducing your indirect water footprint such as skipping room cleanings, washing laundry on cold, shopping for local produces, reducing meat consumption, cutting down on sugar, etc. These are considered simple habits but not as easy to practice.

Important Things To Check Before You Book Luxury Villas in Bali

Important Things To Check Before You Book Luxury Villas in Bali

When you plan to have a nice, luxurious escape in Bali, you might as well want to stay at some of the most luxurious vacation rental in the island. Bali is not short on luxurious accommodation—dotting popular beaches like Seminyak and Canggu, perched in quiet cliff in Jimbaran, or hidden amongst Ubud’s lush tropical jungle, you can almost find splendid villas anywhere, in any style. However, booking luxury villas in Bali could be a very different experience than renting a traditional hotel room. It requires a little more preparation and thought, but it’s well worth it. The amenities of luxury villas are designed for your exclusive enjoyment. Quality villas also contain a superb crew that will be able to assist you with every detail of your stay, making for a truly unique experience.

This is why choosing the right luxury villa for your vacation can be quite challenging. Check out these 5 things to consider before renting a luxury villa if you want to make sure you’re making the best decision possible.

Is Everything in This Luxury Villa True to What It Says?

Everyone can market their vacation rental however they like. While searching the internet, you may come across a very luxurious beachfront Bali villas with everything you desire, but they may appear to be too good to be true. Don’t be alarmed; these villas are real. But before renting a luxury villa, it’s critical to understand how realistic the photographs and descriptions of the villas are.

Because some villa owners in Bali are more hesitant to share images than others, you may not find much information on some villa rentals. However, there should be a sufficient number of images and a detailed description to peruse. Avoid any listing that is missing information with this in mind.

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What Do The Luxury Bali Villas Have to Offer? 

Is Everything in This Luxury Villa True to What It Says?

Many luxury villa rentals can provide levels of exclusivity that exceed those found in resorts and hotels. Designer furnishings, high-tech entertainment, well-equipped kitchens, and a villa staff dedicated solely to your comfort are all included.

As a result, it’s critical to understand what’s included in the rental and to ensure that all of your requirements are met. A true luxury vacation rental knows how to esnure that the property is of the highest quality. They go even farther to provide you with tailored luxurious travel experiences, providing guests with complete, private, and secure access to rooms in remarkable locations.

List the Extras You Can Get from the Luxury Villa

Staying in a luxurious villa means you should be getting more than what you usually get in a regular villa rental in Bali. Check out your options; does the villa have any extra services that can make your holiday even more special? 

A true luxury villa in Bali can go above and beyond to provide the best experience for its guests. For example, they can make your private engagement party in the villa more special with a private chef to prepare meals, while the staff can assist you plan the perfect occasion. See if the luxury villa could assist in the planning of a one-of-a-kind experience.

Check Out the Review

Exploring the evaluations published by individuals who have experienced the villa firsthand is one of the best resources when picking a luxury villa. Reading firsthand accounts from other guests who have stayed at a particular villa can provide a lot of information and a thorough rundown of everything you need to know from the perspective of a guest.

Reviews are a terrific way to break through all of the advertising and obtain an unbiased judgment on the positive and negative aspects of all kind of luxury villas in Bali. Genuine reviews can be found on Flipkey and TripAdvisor, two popular websites.

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Talk with the Customer Service

Any villa’s or representative’s customer service is crucial to ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable stay. It’s a good idea to check at the customer service offered by a villa before making a decision. How accessible is the staff? Do they react to all queries and issues promptly and thoroughly? Are they competent and helpful? These are all vital inquiries.

Make touch with the customer care department before making final reservations to create a rapport and ensure you are satisfied with the quality of their service.

What To Do To Have A Healthy Cruise Trip

What To Do To Have A Healthy Cruise

A cruise is one of the most popular way people choose to enjoy their holiday. Cruising through various destinations brings its own unique experience because you spend most of your time in the middle of the ocean on a massive cruise ship along with other people. Surrounded by the sea and provided with lavish buffets throughout the journey, it is kind of difficult to control yourself from making the most of your time by eating everything you want. It is common that people gain weight after a cruise especially if it takes weeks to finish. 

Keep your health in check during a cruise

Many cruisers practice all-or-nothing attitude during a cruise, allowing them to take everything they want to eat without a care. It is true that during a vacation, you should be able to relax and eat what you want. But you also should make time to exercise that you enjoy. The key to stay in control and healthy during a cruise it to practice mindful eating where you savor every bite and avoid multitask. It helps you to be more conscious of what you eat and stay mindful of your fullness. 

Scan the foods first

It doesn’t mean you need to bring certain tools to scan the foods. Scanning the foods here aims to help you choose which items that pique your interest the most. Choose something unfamiliar instead of french fries or burger. Try more creative options to enjoy especially cruise ships often provide meals crafted from local produce from the destinations. As for the buffet option, navigate yourself to eat more healthily. Try to eat when you are not hungry because it will make you ravenous to eat when you feel starved. 

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Opt for healthier options

Eat healthier options

Today, most cruise ships provide healthier, more nutritious items on their menu. Hence, it is not really a problem to eat healthily during a cruise. If you are not sure about some of the items on the menu, read the descriptions first. Grilled, sauteed, and pan-fried foods are safe games since they are not too soaked in oil or butter. If you have particular dietary concern especially regarding to your health condition, make sure to notify the staffs in before you board. 

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Freestyle your options

Even if the menu cards states that you can only choose on item for each course, you can actually freestyle it. For example, you can skip the appetizer and straight to the main course. Or that you want to pass on dessert. Cruise lines are more flexible nowadays so you can still make reasonable request. 

Stay active 

Even when you are in the middle of the ocean, it should not stop you from keeping yourself healthy. Stay active by walking a few laps around the ship, or join fitness programs provided by the cruise lines from bootcamps to pilates. Choose exercise that you love to do to get your heart rate going. You can always be creative in choosing other alternatives f

Why Prebiotic Skincare is Worth the Hype

Why Prebiotic Skincare is Worth the Hype

Are you a staunch believer in a daily yogurt to keep gastrointestinal issues at bay? You’ll be pleased to learn that the skin care industry is being revolutionized by the same microbe-friendly mindset. A number of independent skin care lines that focus solely on nourishing the skin microbiota have emerged in recent years. Enter prebiotic for face skincare, which quickly hit the hype among beauty enthusiasts during these past few months. But is it actually worth the hype—or is it just an empty marketing jargon?

Prebiotic Skincare is A Huge Supporter of Your Skin Microbiome

Let’s start with a refresher on your microbiome: It’s a “world” of diverse microbes that coexist with us in our bodies. Each part of your body has its own microbiome, which is made up largely of beneficial viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Your skin’s microbiome regulates inflammation and acts as a barrier against pathogens, making it the largest organ in your body. Bacteria can aid in the promotion of skin health by preventing infections from becoming more serious. Chronic inflammation, stress, changes in the pH levels of the skin, and your diet, among other things, can cause a microbial imbalance. Infections or skin diseases such as acne, eczema, and rosacea can occur when the ecology becomes unbalanced.

This is when microbiome skin care enters the picture. According to new research, skincare products containing prebiotics can help restore the balance of healthy microbes. A healthy microbiota can help prevent eczema, acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and skin cancer caused by UV exposure.

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How Prebiotic Can Help Your Face

How Prebiotic Can Help Your Face

The skin can benefit from prebiotics. These are non-living compounds that help to maintain a healthy balance of both good and bad bacteria on your skin and throughout your body. Prebiotics are plant-based carbohydrates that serve as fuel for the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria. They can’t be digested by humans, but when consumed or applied to the skin, they have the ability to transform or preserve the healthy microbiome found in the gut or on the skin.

The phrase “prebiotic ingredient” is used in the cosmetics industry to refer to compounds that benefit beneficial bacteria or are created by microorganisms. Several food ingredients, such as yogurt powder, alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, inulin, lactic acid, and lactobacillus ferment, are also cosmetic elements frequently connected with probiotic or prebiotic products, demonstrating that they are beneficial to both gut and skin microorganisms.

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What is Prebiotic in Skincare

Prebiotics are non-digestible food additives that benefit the host by fostering particular gut flora. They were first coined in 1995. Prebiotics were found to be beneficial.

Then it was just referred to as “food for good microorganisms.” Resistant starch, pectin, beta-glucans, xylooligosaccharides (XOS) polymers such as fructans (fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin), galactans (galactooligosaccharides (GOS)), and carbohydrates produced from fibre were among the first dietary prebiotics. Now, scientists have found how to stabilise these ingredients and incorporate it on skincare formulation. Therefore, they can help managing healthy microbiota balance on the skin as well. 

Both probiotics and prebiotics can aid in the maintenance of a healthy complexion and the treatment of existing skin issues. Give them a shot by incorporating them into your daily skincare routine as well as your diet. Look for prebiotic ingredients like inulin in your skincare products. Prebiotic inulin not only moisturizes and smooths dry, sensitive skin, but also feeds your skin’s natural bacteria, ensuring that it is in perfect balance!

Now, would you try prebiotic-enriched skincare for the health of your skin?

Why You Should Consider Solo Cruising

Why You Should Consider Solo Cruising

When you decide to book a cruise, you will be tied to schedule made by the cruise line. So you will be provided with itinerary to help you make the most of the day along with other onboard guests. However, you can also make the most of your cruise and to do activities you want to do since everything is entirely up to you. Solo cruising may sound intimidating. You might think of how you will spend lunch and with whom, or if you will get bored instead of enjoying it. However, it will be a vacation of a lifetime if done right. 

Reasons why solo cruise worth to try

One of the main reasons why solo cruise highly recommended is flexibility. Solo cruise offers flexibility for you to spend a guilt-free afternoon by the ship’s main pool or head to the nearby port town to have  leisure walk. By going solo, you can do what you want without coordinating your schedule with others. If you are afraid of going along, do not worry because you can join trivia team or find a snorkeling buddy on a cruise. Share experiences with others who have the same interests will make your experience much more enjoyable. 

Another reason is that solo cruise is the safest way to travel. It is because even though you choose to go solo, your ship’s crew always have your back. You don’t have to be afraid of being left alone in the unknown. The ship crew will give you electronic keycards, allowing them to know who is on board and off the boat. The crew will also know if you have been in your stateroom recently. So even if you go on your own, you are not putting your safety at risk. 

Affordability is also one of the reasons why solo cruise is worth a try. Today, river and ocean cruise lines offer solo perks while still catering to couples and large or small group of on board guests. Hence, it is not hard to find cruise lines that offer solo travelers perks. You can even share a room with another solo traveler to save some money. However, most cruise lines provide a room you can have by yourself at no additional cost in many cases. 

How to plan meaningful, memorable solo cruise

Reasons why solo cruise worth to try

It is strongly recommended to decide what type of cruise that best suits your interests and wants. For example, you might prefer river cruising more since it is more accommodating for solo travelers. By river cruising, you have more chances to explore new villages or cities. Also, the ship is smaller so you have smaller circles to get to know more. 

It is also recommended that you shop around before making the deal with cruise line. Each of them may have different offerings for guests that you need to consider if they suit your preference. You may also consider the programs or activities they host. And of course, you may want to consider the price. 

Interesting Cuisine of Iceland You Must Try

When it comes to Iceland, one of the very first thing that come to people’s mind must be The Northern Lights. Well, it is one of the most ideal destinations if you want to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. You can see it best during the darkest winter days. However, Iceland is also popular for its unique authentic dishes. Its cuisine is interesting because the location of Iceland is at the north with no borders with other countries. The uniqueness cuisine in Iceland is mostly inspired by the ingredients found locally. And here are some of the best Icelander foods you must try:



This is a thick and creamy dairy product that has similarities with Greek yogurt. This is such an interesting dairy product because it has been around for about 1,000 years. Skyr is made from pasteurized milk and bacteria culture. This is such a healthy product because it is low in calories, carbs, and fats. However, it is high in protein, minerals, and vitamins. The flavor is also refreshing can make you feel more awake due to the hint of sourness in its sweetness.

Icelandic SS-Hot Dog

Icelandic SS-Hot Dog

Hot dog is one of the most favorites foods for Icelanders. Of the reasons for this particular food to be the favorite one is because Icelanders like simplicity. They like enjoying a hot dog with all the toppings come together. There are many food stalls selling hot dogs across the Iceland. However, the most popular and considered the best one is Baejarins Beztu Pylsur. It is a hot dog stand situated in the downtown area of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. 

Ice cream

Ice cream

You might think that just because they live in the northern area, Icelanders would not like eating ice cream. However, they eat it all year round regardless of the temperature. Ice cream after dinner is like a must in Iceland. The locals love to enjoy their ice cream even with freezing winds or snowstorm. It is also easy to find ice cream store or machine in Iceland and they are open all year round. 

Lamb dishes

Icelandic meat soup

Lamb is one of the most consumed meats in Iceland. The lambs themselves are free to roam around the mountains the during summertime. They are such healthy protein sources because they eat plants, berries, grass, and drink fresh water from glacier rivers. Many people said the taste of lamb in Iceland is exceptional due to their ‘healthy-diet’. Icelanders prepare lamb in various ways such as over-bake leg of lamb with potatoes. Or, they prepare it by slicing the smoked lamb thin and put it on traditional flatbread with butter. 

Icelandic meat soup

Icelandic meat soup

This one dish is popular particularly amongst tourists and visitors. This is a soup dish made with soft lamb along with vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, leeks, root vegetables, onions, salt, pepper, and herbs. This is a dish from generations and perfect to warm up body. That is why many locals and visitors love this particular soup that is hearty yet simple. 

Dive Trips to Bali: Meeting the Wobbegong Shark!

Dive Trips to Bali: Meeting the Wobbegong Shark!

When you are thinking about sharks, you might imagine big, torpedo-shaped fish with lots of sharp teeth in its big mouth, lurking around coral reefs in the search of prey. But have you ever seen a carpet-like shark? True to its nickname, the Wobbegong shark looks much like a carpet and spends the majority of its life motionless on the sea floor. The Wobbegong shark is quite rare to be seen. Not only because their camouflage skill make it hard to spot them on the ocean floor, but also because they don’t dwell in any ocean in the world. However, you can meet Wobbegong on your dive trips to Bali and here’s a story about this unique creature!

Get to Know the Wobbegong Sharks

The flat, well-camouflaged tasselled wobbegong remains quietly on the seafloor, waiting for unwary prey to swim too close. It belongs to the carpet shark family, which gets its name from the fact that it lives on the seafloor. The tasselled wobbegong mixes in nicely with its environment in coral reefs, thanks to its blotchy coloration and highly branched skin flaps that conceal its mouth and head.

Dweller of the Ocean Floor

Wobbegong’s scientific name really resembles its appearance. It’s Eucrossorhinus dasypogon, which roughly translates to “well-fringed nose with shaggy beard,” it’s easy to understand how this little guy may go overlooked. It uses camouflage as a feeding strategy and has a variety of different tricks under its sleeve for hunting prey.

The Shaggy Beard

Why are sharks nicknamed “shaggy” in the first place? The explanation for this is that wobbegong sharks appear to have a beard. They have whiskers (called barbels) around their nostrils and flaps of skin around their mouths and eyes, as well as on the sides of their heads, that look like tiny fins. The scientific name for the wobbegong shark family is Orectolobidae, which comes from the Greek words orektos, which means “stretched out,” and lobos, which means “lobe.”

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Finding Wobbegong Shark in Your Dive Trips to Bali 

Finding Wobbegong Shark in Your Dive Trips to Bali
GIli Mimpang, Bali

With the exception of the Japanese wobbegong, which is found in Japan, they are generally found in shallow waters near Australia and Indonesia. They enjoy clearer waters than others and can be found in bays, caverns, rocky bottoms, and reefs. This shark can be found from the intertidal zone to 110 meters deep on the continental shelf. Coral and rocky reefs, piers, and sandy bottoms are all frequent places to find them. They’ve also been found to swim in water that’s just deep enough to cover their bodies.

In Bali, they are most commonly found around Nusa Lembongan, Padang Bali, Gili Mimpang, and Gili Tepekong. The two Gili are especially famous if you want some shark adventure, due to having a shark cave in the area. Don’t be afraid to embark a scuba diving safari to Bali to see sharks! Seeing this lovely creatures gliding through the water is a sight to behold!

The Wait-and-Catch Hunter

Because wobbegong sharks are slow and lethargic, they do not aggressively seek food. Instead, they disguise themselves in sand and rocks, then move their barbels to attract smaller fish that the shark feeds on. The hunting habits of these sharks are characteristic of ambush predators.

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They Can Walk!

Meeting the Wobbegong Shar

If you’re lucky enough to meet the Wobbegong sharks during your dive trips to Bali, take time to observe their behavior. Because, what makes this carpet shark even more unique is that they can walk! These sharks appear to be strolling on the seafloor, with their fins pressing against their bodies. Even when they are active, they rarely swim, so they move around in a lethargic manner that resembles walking. Wobbegongs can even emerge fully from the water. When they go from one tidal pool to the next, they do this. They have little trouble finishing their movement after their gills have become moistened.

Are you ready for your amazing carpet shark encounter?

How To Accommodate More Accessible Family Trip

Family trip is often seen as a nightmare and this is probably why not many families love doing it. However, there are so many values you can find from travelling together with your family. Of course, it is ore challenging than when you have a trip with a group of your friends for example. However, it is totally worth all the hassles when you are able to accommodate more accessible family trip for every member. 

How To Accommodate More Accessible Family Trip

Stress-free family vacation to plan

One of the most important keys for successful, hassle-free family trip is to plan it in advance. It is essential because you need to know what kind of trip that will be suitable for everyone. Also, it is possible for a family to have a member who is disable or has certain condition where they are not able to travel more freely. Hence, well preparation will help a lot in accommodating more accessible family trip for everyone. And here are some tips to make it true:

Start with small trip

Instead of planning a big plan of a trip, it is more recommended for you to go slow, especially for the first time. What you and your family need is the experience of travelling together and how each one of you can adapt to the situation while having fun. Hence, there is no need to make a grandiose plan to travel abroad that will only make you and family feel overwhelmed instead of excited. 

Decide where to go

Sometimes, the problem is not your family but the wrong choice you made about your travel destination. And it is once again, can happen due to lack of preparation prior the trip. Every place around the world has different condition and situation. That is why it is important to decide where to go from the beginning and do a research about it to ensure the place it accommodating and accessible for all your family. 

Choose the right accommodation

Accommodation is one of the biggest hurdles when planning a family trip especially when you have large members. You need to choose accommodation that will fit your family’s needs. Make sure the kids and disabled family members are accommodated well with your choice. 

Always spare room to keep your patience

Travelling with family can be stressful because of different needs, wants, preferences, etc. There will be times when you encounter some hassles. Hence, be patient with how you accommodate your family members especially the disabled ones. Sometimes, some places are not very accommodating to disabled visitors and it can cause an issue. So you need to be more thorough with your research and plan to make sure your trip will be hassle-free.

Make the most out of the trip

Another important key for more accessible and enjoyable family trip is to make ht emos out of it. Enjoy your trip together with your family and make memories as much as possible. Try not to let a little hassle ruins your joy of being together with your family in wonderful place. 

5 Reasons Why Targeting to Millennials for Your Bali Villas is Important in 2022

5 Reasons Why Targeting to Millennials for Your Bali Villas is Important in 2022

Urban vacation rentals have quickly carved a place in the short-term rental market, driven by the phenomenal rise in demand for private accommodations over the last five years and the emerging wave of millennial travelers — and savvy property managers are modernizing their operations to meet new expectations. Sites like Airbnb and have played a significant role in bringing short-term rentals to the public, but the emergence of a crucial category of customers: the millennial traveler, is a significant element driving this vacation rental sector trend. This is how millennials are influencing the vacation rental market in 2019 and what this implies for you as owner of villas and vacation rentals in Bali. 

Millennials Shapes Today’s Market of Luxury Villas in Bali

Millennials, who will reach 25 to 40 in 2022, are driving numerous real estate market changes, including those in the vacation rental sector. This generation is spending more money on travel, vacations, and lodging. According to research, millennials would prefer spend their money on travel than on a home. This opens up financial options for anybody considering purchasing a rental property, and millennials are the demographic to target if you’re investing in short-term rentals.

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Younger Demographics Put More Interest on Vacation Rental than Hotels in Bali

Younger Demographics Put More Interest on Vacation Rental than Hotels in Bali

Reflecting on travel trend during 2018 – 2021, it’s clear that the younger generations (aged 24 and below) quickly follow the path of their older brother and sisters. Data shows that 70% of rental tourists in the United States alone are under the age of 44: they’re reasonably rich, spend and travel more than other demographic groups. They prefer to connect with their hosts, and emphasize experiences and culture above relaxing. A reason why they will look more on private, unique Bali villas than all-inclusive hotels if they take a vacation to Bali. 

Why Millennials Would Prefer Private Villas over Hotel While Vacationing in Bali

There are a number of reasons why millennials choose vacation rentals than hotel accommodations. Apart from being less expensive than hotel rooms, rental apartments provide millennials with access to a variety of facilities such as a kitchen and a private pool. Because millennials are always looking for new experiences, living in villas allows them to immerse themselves in the local culture. This is something that’s totally different from the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. The previous generations tend to choose resorts over some secluded and unique villa with genuine local experiences. 

Millennials Have the Money and More Budget Spent on Leisure

Furthermore, as more millennials enter the labor force and acquire disposable cash, studies indicate that they are more inclined to spend it on travel and vacation. If you’re a real estate investor looking to buy a vacation home rental property, we recommend investing in the top millennial travel destinations. Your Bali vacation rental property will have a high occupancy rate in these areas, generating a respectable rental income for a solid ROI.

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Travelling is on the Need for Millennials and Younger Gens

Millennials, closely followed by Generation Z (aged 18 to 23), are more motivated to travel than any previous generation. Home ownership is out of reach for many people, but flying travel is very affordable. Many people haven’t started families yet, and information about unusual locations spreads quickly. They want to go on an adventure, and that desire takes precedence over nearly every other budget line.

Millennials also travel for work more than previous generations, and they are at ease blending business and pleasure. Over the last two years, more than half of those trips have been extended to include personal vacation time, and many continue to work while overseas.

Are you ready to accommodate the millennials and soon-to-be-adult Gen X to your vacation rental Bali? 

Good Things Happened In Travel World After The Pandemic Hits

When the world hit by the pandemic, there have been many things happened that many people were not ready for. It happened so suddenly that everyone got infected by unknown virus after celebrating new years together. Throughout the pandemic, we have been hearing many bad news about death, loss, and failures in almost all aspect in life including travel world. However, there were also some good things happened in travel world in 2020 that made people anticipate 2021 more. And here are some of them:

Free flights and stays for travelers

Free flights and stays for travelers

Many travel companies offered free flights and stays to first responders. They are well deserved to get those free offerings because those working on the frontline have given their all to make sure they can help as many people as possible while navigating many challenges. Many travel companies initiated to team up with each other and donated free hotel rooms, vacations, and flights to those first responders who have worked hard during the pandemic. 

Increased creativity from people who were in quarantine

In 2020, people were forced to stay inside and isolated. Added with bad news, anxiety and stress had pushed them to the limit. Many people got sick caused by their affected mental health. However, there were also people who got wilder instead. They got amazingly more creative in many ways. Take a look at the example of a couple who created and elaborated a mini gallery for their cat. There was also a grandfather who decided to build a DIY virtual trip on Disneyland It’s A Small World ride for his grandkids. Humans never run out of ideas it seems. 

Animals got the best time of their lives

Animals got the best time of their lives

Animals seemed to experienced a good impact from the pandemic. Pets had their owners stayed at home throughout the days, making them available for more plays and rubs. Also, many pet owners started to take their pets more often and that must be what the animals love the most. Not to mention that even zoo and and foster animals were taken to a field trip to local sites, such as the three penguins at Kansas City Zoo. They were taken to an art museum and had their fun times. 

More free virtual tours to enjoy

Virtual tour is not actually something new in travel world because some travel destinations and sites have offered this kind of features. However, the pandemic has made the numbers of destinations offering virtual tour increased. People could just sit on their comfortable couch while being transported to their dream travel destinations. The most important thing is that most of them are free. 

Advanced technology to make travel easier and safer

The sudden halt due to the pandemic has caused innovators to think more on how to provide more efficient technology. In some restaurants and hotels, robots and high-tech devices are being used to deliver better service to their guests such as automated food shop, assistant robots, electrostatic disinfectant sprayers, and many more.