Tips To Make Your In-Flight Travel More Comfortable

Tips To Make Your In-Flight Travel More Comfortable

There are many reasons why travelers choose travel by plane but the most common one is time-efficiency, especially if the destination is too far to reach by train or buses. However, taking a long-haul flight can put you in variety of discomforts as well. Sitting in limited space for long hours may put a strain to your body. Hence, make sure to be prepared if you are planning on taking long haul flight for your vacation, business trip, or visiting family. 

Handy travel tips to make your flight more comfortable

For some people, taking flight can be stressful because they have to deal with long line before boarding, the possibility of having noisy seatmate, or general nervous and jittery related to flight. It is important to make yourself relax and enjoy the flight for better experience. However, you may also consider these handy tips to make your in-flight ravel more comfortable:

Limit your alcohol intake

It is highly recommended to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages during your flight. Even long-time flight attendants often advice travelers to not take alcohol while flying. There are various problems that can happen due to alcohol intoxication that can affect yourself and other passengers in the cabin. If you want to drink alcohol to relax your mind, limit yourself and it’s better to accompany your drink with something to eat.

Download several podcasts

Handy travel tips to make your flight more comfortable

Taking a flight may put you in boredom so it’s great idea if you can download several podcasts to listen to later during the flight. You can find podcasts that fits to your liking. You can listen later when you feel like you need entertainment that is relaxing and comforting. Also, don’t forget to pack your headphones or earphone in your carry-on.

Bring your journal

Journaling during a flight can be fun too. You can write about anything and everything. For example, you might want to write about your trip and make memories through your authentic words and writing. You may also take notes to write about what you learn on your journey. Journaling can also help de-stress, making your mind more relax but stay focus. 

Hydrate and moisturize

Staying in a cabin for hours can dry out your skin. And with the cool temperature, it makes your skin dehydrate even more. Hence, don’t forget to apply moisturizer on your skin every few hours. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated from the inside too. That is why it is best to carry your own water bottle and refill it when needed. 


Sitting for few hours will cause some discomforts such as muscle cramps, back pain, or headache. Make sure to change position every 20 minutes. You also need to stretch from time to time to lose the tension in your body. Stretching is also good to maintain your blood circulation and release anxiety. You can stretch in your seat or move around cabin such standing for a moment (do it under 10 minutes to avoid discomfort to other passenger) or visiting the restroom.