Three Modes of Komodo Tour to Choose; Which is Your Favourite?


Have you ever dream about travelling to Komodo, Flores? Located in the eastern tip of Indonesia, this little archipelago is almost like a world away. It’s a place where you will feel like being transported in the land before age; walking in dry and rugged terrain that looks a lot like Jurassic movie set, visiting villages from stone ages, and meeting ancient Komodo Dragons that has been walking on these isolated islands for more than a millennium. And not only that, Komodo’s underwater is no less intriguing. The clear turquoise water is home to thousands species of tropical fishes, pelagic, Manta Rays, dugongs, marine mammals, and hundreds species of hard and soft corals! The uncanny beauty of Komodo has win it a position as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World as well as UNESCO World Heritage status, and tourism interest has been on the rise ever since. If Komodo is in your bucket list, there are three modes of Komodo tour you could choose to explore this wonderful destinations. What mode of trip is the most suitable for you? 

1. Tour to Islands around Komodo

Tour to Islands around Komodo

The most common type of Komodo tour offered by liveaboard and travel operators is island excursion. In this outing, you will visit the Komodo dragon sanctuary, Komodo Island and Rinca, and investigate the encompassing islands. Set up your climbing shoes, as you will do loads of climbing in the fruitless and rugged islands! Some significant features to not miss are the all encompassing slopes in Padar islands, untamed life nightfall with bats in Kalong island, the immaculate Kelor and Kanawa island, and obviously, the world-well known pink sea shore. 

The entirety of the objective are reachable both by speedboat or Komodo phinisi Liveaboard, however we emphatically suggest the last mentioned. Cruising with the liveaboard allows you to appreciate the panoramic detour and unwind in the middle of the island investigation. This kind of heading out bids to nearly everybody, even to non-diver explorers. 

2. Island Excursion and Dive Trip 

Island Excursion and Dive Trip

The world under the water around the Komodo National Park are profited structure the land’s assurance status, permitting the coral triangle district to blossom into its greatest potential. Since the time the disclosure of Komodo Island, jumpers started to investigate the marine life and spread the astonishing perspective to the world. True to form, diving and island excursion become one of the most acclaimed Komodo tour bundle to sell. During the outing days, you will go into two-world investigations. A big part of the days will be spent lowered under the water, scuba jumping around vivacious nurseries of corals and school of fishes. Also, when you are not caught up with getting sharks, you will go through the days in Komodo’s fresh savannah and shimmering sea shores. 

Some diving aficionado pick fill their outing with just diving. While diving trip is totally fun, it very well may be a misfortune to simply miss the excellent all encompassing scene. Attempt to visit a few islands in the event that you can! Some famous diving destination in Komodo you can visit are Manta Point, Tatawa Besar, China Town, Batu Bolong, and Crystal Rock. 

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3. Komodo Tour + Flores Exploration

Komodo Tour + Flores Exploration

Numerous voyagers show up in Labuan Bajo, Flores, only for entryway before dispatch themselves to the Komodo National Park. In any case, it’s ideal to check the territory Flores out prior to returning to your country—and it won’t frustrate you. Flores covers up so numerous characteristic pearls behind the moving slopes. Clear cascades, reflect like lake inside a cavern, and a saved antiquated custom going back to the stone age. A portion of Flores’ best objective are Cunca Rami Watrefall, Rangko cavern, Kelimutu Mountain, Wae Rebo town, and Bena town. Furthermore, it’s totally an absolute necessity to see shocking Ikat weaving during your town visit!