How To Be More Water Conscious When Travelling

How To Be More Water Conscious When Travelling

There are places around the world with no access to running water. Water conversation has always been an important topic. It is important to be more water conscious in our everyday lives. It is also encouraged to use water not more than what you need. The problem is, many people often argue that every individual may have different needs of water. While it is true to some extent, the point of being more water conscious is how you can contribute to conserve water as individual and how it can great affect the efforts that the community has been doing. 

Can you be more water conscious even when travelling?

When you are aware of best practices to conserve water, you will have no problem practicing them anywhere you go. When travelling, you can do your best to help conserve water through simple practices, such as:

Shower less often

It is understandable that you feel like shower more often when travel because you tend to be more active, doing many outdoor activities. However, consider shower less instead and see how impactful it could be. Keep in mind that there are no ultimate rules saying you should shower daily. In fact. Most healthcare professionals recommended showering every other day or every third day. Try avoid excessive cleaning because the natural oils your body produce also function to protect your skin. By practicing good hygiene, you can go a  day without shower and still feel fresh.

Simplify your sanitizing practices

Simplify your sanitizing practices

Sanitizing is important because you don’t want to be a good target for germ, virus, and bacteria to infect. However, you can still have good hygiene practices without overdoing it. With simplified version, you can still have the optimum protection. Consider eco-friendly hygiene practices even during your trip. You don’t have to keep everything sterile at all time. Wash your hands after using bathroom, after grocery shopping, and before a meal. Avoid overcleaning because it can cause other problems such as dry skin and weakened immune system. Hence, it is recommended to simplify your sanitizing rituals not only for the sake of your body but also for the planet. 

Reuse towels

Consider reusing towel after each use so you just have to let it dry before use it again. Drying it out help prevents the growth of bacteria and germs. It also allows you to use the towel longer without washing it again and again. Carry your own towels if you unsure about the one provided by the hotels and use them multiple times before washing them again to help conserve water. 

Reduce your indirect water footprint

There are many habis that you sometimes have not realized when it comes to water use such as leaving the tap on after use, taking long shower unnecessarily, etc. Start building habits that help conserve water by reducing your indirect water footprint such as skipping room cleanings, washing laundry on cold, shopping for local produces, reducing meat consumption, cutting down on sugar, etc. These are considered simple habits but not as easy to practice.