Before You Go for Your First Beginner Scuba Diving Holidays

Before You Go for Your First Beginner Scuba Diving Holidays

So, you are excited for your upcoming scuba diving vacation. For beginners, travelling for scuba diving holidays could be a bit overwhelming. After all you are going for one kind of vacation that you’ve never do before! So how should you prepare your first ever scuba diving trip? Well, here’s what you need to know and prepare before booking your dive trip. 

Be Aware of Your Abilities

How well are your swimming skills? How is your endurance? Swims and scuba dives both include similar motions despite their differences. Should any events arise, you’ll need to be able to get to the surface on your own.

You might choose to add workouts like swimming 200 meters and continually remaining afloat for 10 minutes in your scuba diving training. Yoga offers advantages as well. If you practice deep breathing, you’ll be able to regulate your body better while diving. Additionally, never dive while sick or injured as this could result in infections and respiratory issues.

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Shore Diving Tips for Your Vacation

Shore diving allows your brain to gradually acclimate to its underwater surroundings as you enter the water, preventing you from falling ill-prepared into the deep blue off the back of the boat. It’s perfect for hesitant people, as the water is just above your head when you first begin to dive. Shore diving is actually one of the best to do on scuba diving holidays for beginners!


Pack minimally if you’re going on a liveaboard diving holiday. Use a small soft-sided bag or SMALL backpack and load as little as possible. You won’t wear half of your items that you packed.

Going on Scuba Diving Liveaboard Holidays for Beginners

Before You Go for Your First Beginner Scuba Diving Holidays

Be aware that a yacht is a small space to live in – comfortable, clean, and safe, of course, but small – and a liveaboard diving vacation is an active vacation. Be prepared to go up and down ladders, haul ropes, and do the washing up. Bring anti-seasickness medication too, better to have it and not need than otherwise! 

Prepare Thoroughly Before You Go

Thorough preparation is required. Study the vacation operator and other information on scuba diving in general. Do all the paper works and requirements needed to dive in your destination. This allowed you to focus entirely on the diving procedure as you will have no evening schoolwork to complete. Only then, you will be able to unwind and truly enjoy the experience.

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Get Familiar with the Gears

You will learn the ins and outs of diving fins, wetsuits, air tanks, masks, and breathing equipment while receiving scuba diving instruction. Learn how to inspect the kit as a whole; having malfunctioning scuba diving gear could ruin your trip.

Think of your buoyancy control device, which varies depending on the manufacturer in terms of its valves and inflators. Fill it up and practice breathing through the regulator on land as you watch the pressure gauge needle move. You will learn what to watch out for from your diving instructor.

Put your head underwater while wearing a diving mask that you have purchased or rented. It is prepared to go into action if the face seal doesn’t leak. Likewise, try multiple times to secure the fins on your feet until you feel confident doing so. Choose your clothing wisely as well; wetsuits are best for warm water, while drysuits, which are warmed and have waterproof seals, can tolerate lower temperatures.